Frankly Governor Baker, The Optics SUCK!

Posted November 15th, 2017 by Iron Mike

It looks like Governor Charlie Baker (aka Tall Deval) wanted to quickly wash his hands of a sticky political mess.  How many State Police officers – LtCols and Majors did he interview during the 4½ short days since Colonel McKeon resigned?

Major Kerry Gilpin is a junior major – just promoted this past May.   Now she’s in charge of the Mass State Police – all of it!   What does Baker know about her – other than she’s a woman?

Some might call Baker’s decision “a bold move”,….but others know that jumping a junior person over the heads of ALL the more senior people will not sit well.  Try that on a college campus…..

For the sake of the Citizens of the Commonwealth, – we certainly wish Colonel Gilpin every success. We certainly congratulate her on BOTH her promotions this year. Quite the success story.

Now Baker can return his attention to getting re-elected,  and hope the lawsuits by Troopers Sceviour and Rei can be quietly and quickly settled.

But what about Major Susan Anderson and Judge Timothy Bibaud?

Until today Anderson outranked Gilpin by several years;  – now Gilpin may have to pull her plug. Charlie should have attended to that chore himself,  – but we’ve come to know how craven he is.

Think Tall Deval told his new Colonel anything about rounding up illegals? Would she have agreed….?

4 Responses to “Frankly Governor Baker, The Optics SUCK!”

  1. Brandy Brandon

    Another punch in the diversity ticket.

  2. Vince

    He should have fired the judge first….. will this female head of the state police have more symphony for the judge’s daughter?


    He has no authority to ‘fire’ the judge – judges must be impeached. UNLESS he has PROOF that the judge committed a crime – like asking the State Police to ‘fix the report’

  3. Mt Woman

    Considering many more heads at the State Police may still be rolling, perhaps this new MAJ–ahem COL Gilpin is the next in line in terms of honesty and integrity. It seems that so many already in high places were easy to compromise themselves for what–to save embarrassment for a judge and junkie daughter.

  4. Hawk1776

    I’m still trying to figure out how Colonel Richard McKeon earned a pension worth $188K/annum. That’s insane. $88K/annum would be generous.

    If Gilpin is really the best qualified officer to lead the State Police that is a damning indictment of those of equal rank but greater time in grade.