Francisco Delivers The Anaheim SmackDown

Posted May 8th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Council Member Kris Murray had authored an anti-Trump resolution last week.  Then came a young Mexican-American to issue her a rebuke:
Anaheim Smackdown Kris Murray
I am deeply offended by your campaign since you subscribe to the liberal narrative that minorities need to be coddled and protected by the government – – as if we are incapable of looking out for ourselves, – as if we are weak and thin-skinned, – as if we are children.”  Video below the fold:

The problem with liberals is that they lay claim to helping minorities,  but rarely help them.  Liberals are always full of good motives,  but support legislation and policy that harms, not helps, minorities. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

Francisco’s scalding smack-down demonstrates that it’s not just Democrats who are inherently racist – in their thinking and their policies;…

– that liberal Republicans [aka RiNOs] are just as guilty,  – and maybe even more insidious….

SOMEBODY IN ANAHEIM – grab Francisco and run him for public office!   We need public officials who can think and see beyond the convenient and conventional stereotypes!

Kris Murray  Anaheim   to the bone

hat tip:  Agent Mark

2 Responses to “Francisco Delivers The Anaheim SmackDown”

  1. Panther 6

    Good for that lad. More and more ‘smart’ Minority lads and lasses are saying the same thing. Some folks are waking up.

  2. Mt Woman

    Francisco is well on his way to a future in politics and he can begin by working to elect Donald Trump as part of the Trump campaign for President. I am annoyed by listening to these so-called establishment Republicans and their “never Trump” message. They are looking to take away the voice of the people just like their more liberal Democratic counterparty. JEB, Lindsey, Jonah Goldberg–I could go on are supporting the existence and continuation of the GOP establishment which is just an alias for the GOP nanny state and their “I Know what’s best for you” message.