Fracking Al Gore

Posted May 2nd, 2013 by Iron Mike

His junk science debunked – the Nobel Laureate sulks:
Al Gore Idiot

The Bakkan oil fields have been known to us – and virtually ignored – for decades.  Suddenly the sweep of Islamic fundamentalism has forced the environmental nuts to look at the actual science – and they’re backing down.

The result is a oil industry explosion in North Dakota – and with it employment opportunities not seen since they built the Alaska pipeline.

Bakkan Formation

Thou shalt demonize fossil fuels
above all other gods before you,
– and do so at every opportunity.”

Thou shalt hate Carbon as thou hates
Republicans, Conservatives, Capitalists, and Christians.”

Electric cars would be the answer – clean, quiet, revolutionary, – so very 21st Century...

But now the sheer math of electric cars has caught up with the dreamers. Besides the fact that they don’t work well, burst into flames, need a network of recharging stations, and are dangerous for first responders when in accidents,…only green cult groupies will buy them.  It’s a ripoff – WE make up the $200K price difference…

Today when I pass an electric car on the road – I laugh, and point a mocking finger, – because I know the fool just bought the thing because he wanted to show off his ‘green credentials’, and was egotistical enough to pay Thou$and$ more to show off…as he waits for it to break down, – or burst into flames.



They’ve begun to understand the ‘green technology’ hype is decades ahead of being technically practical.  Maybe it is all the bankrupt solar panel companies Obama funded…?

Polar BearsThey now know that the earth isn’t warming, – the polar bears are doing just fine.

They know Al Gore is a self-promoting liar – as proven by his sell-out to al Jazeera – and his seaside mansion.

They have begun to appreciate that the Saudis will never be ‘our friends’, and that they sponsor anti-Israeli and anti-Western terrorism on a massive scale.  Therefore we shouldn’t be counting on them as an oil supplier.

They know that oil and gas pipelines have been crisscrossing this land since WWII [the Big Inch and the Little Inch] with negligible problems.  The technology is safe, proven, and at hand.

They have come to suspect that we shouldn’t have to pay $4.oo/gallon for gasoline…not with more oil and natural gas under North Dakota than is under Saudi Arabia.


 Urban Fleets

If environmentalists were honest – they’d be urging state  and federal legislators to make it easy for urban fleets to be converted to natural gas.  How about no tax [i.e. ZERO] on natural gas used as fuel for urban fleets – private and municipal?  How about a 3-year tax credit for every vehicle converted?


The gentle view:  early on he became a convert to the cult of Man-Made Global Warming, – genuinely saw it as a threat to civilization, and became an impassioned crusader…

Nobel LaureateThe practical view:   early on this dishonest huckster saw a horse he could ride all the way to the White House.  He jumped on, and took off at a gallop, – and never looked back.

BOTH views leave us with the inescapable conclusion that there is a big chunk of Gore’s brain missing.

He never looked at contradictory evidence – even after the hacked e-mails and the total discreditation of Michael Mann and his ‘hockey stick’.

He – and his cult-like followers – chose to make fossil fuels and CO2 the villains of the 20th and 21st Centuries, – and he got rich from his preachings.


BEWARE the Al Goreswho will sell you a false crisis, and their expensive solution to solve it

Al Gore got VERY RICH – at our expense.  Had he won the White House in 2000,  he’d be 10 x times richer…  And we’d be 10 x poorer!

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  1. Casey Chapman

    First of all, AlGore can go pound sand as far as I am concerned.
    Second of all, the Saudi national who got deported instead of arrested because of his connections, is just the tip of the iceberg. Saudi Arabia has been funding terrorism and the rebels in Chechnia for years and years. But because the Dumbocrats would rather keep us enslaved to the middle east types than drill for oil here———there we are.