Fox Scrapes Bottom; Hires Political Liar

Posted March 18th, 2019 by Iron Mike

It is beyond understanding – that the once-proud bastion of conservative broadcasting and honest journalism – – would hire an admitted left-wing liar who gave debate questions to Hillary….
Bernie must be damn near speechless!

We KNOW why Brazil I ‘excited’ she desperately needs a PAYCHECK!

Between Chris Wallace,  Shepard Smith,  and now Donna Brazile,  I’ll be clicking away from Fox far more often now…

And SUDDENLY, – we can see clearly now….

9 Responses to “Fox Scrapes Bottom; Hires Political Liar”

  1. Kojack

    I suspect that FOX’s AA/EOE policy has a lot to do with it.

  2. panther 6

    Hate to say it but they could do worse. At least you know what you are dealing with here.

  3. Catherine

    Why would they hire a proven liar? Faux is the controlled opposition; that’s why.

  4. Lonnie Brennan

    Bye bye fox.

    I only turn it on for Hannity now, and part of Ingraham.

    ONE AMERICA NEWS is the channel to watch, if you can get it….
    616 on Verizon, typically, vs. 618 for Fox

  5. GreenBeretLTC

    Maybe she’s flipping?

  6. Hawk1776

    A really strange choice. What are they thinking?

  7. ASU sue

    Trying to keep the fair and balanced? They have Juan Williams and Jessica Tarlov, too

  8. Kojack

    I just heard this morning that Brett Bear and Shepard Smith along a liberal and a Muslim producers are in a coordinated effort to force Judge Janine Pirro off the air. I think FOX is incrementally going over to the DARK SIDE.

    Rather than wait until they’re forced off, I think Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham should leave and along with Judge Janine, Bill O’Reilly, Eric Boling and other conservatives either form their own network or bolster OAN. Just by leaving all at once they would kill FOX and spike the ratings of whoever they went to.

  9. GreenBeretLTC

    No…she’s not flipping…..