Four Dead Americans VS Footballs?

Posted May 9th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Since when in the decline of American Excellence,  did air pressure in a football exceed the importance of four Americans hung out to die in an illegal arms smuggling operation?Brady vs Hillary
Suddenly the talk of the ‘media’ is how many games Tom Brady will be suspended for… Yet Hillary Clinton has yet to provide a single truthful answer about Vince Foster, – her arms smuggling fiasco in Benghazi, – her arm-twisting collection of foreign donations, – or her missing emails.

Hillary is running for president, while avoiding interviews, – and the media is covering her bloody footprints.

3 Responses to “Four Dead Americans VS Footballs?”

  1. panther6

    As a nation our priorities and attention to what is important for our posterity are totally screwed up. Angelina Jolie is the most admired Mother in the country!! HUH! The MSM will continue to let Hill Babe skate unless Trey Gowdy can come up with a real smoking gun. And by the way who gives a rats tail about those footballs. Indianapolis lost by a ton, lightweight balls be darned.

  2. Walter Knight

    The same media corporations that employ mainstream liberal newscasters also own sports channels and employ liberal sports commentators. Liberal sports commentators aren’t as noticeable because sports is usually neutral territory. But, given the chance, liberal sportscasters will do their part to attack yet one more American institution (football) or to their agenda.

    AS for Brady’s deflated balls, the liberal media doesn’t care whether Brady is suspended or not. Their real target is football, because they hate all important American institutions, be it the family, the military, religion, the criminal justice system, democracy, or sports. They would ban football from high school if they could, and impose sissy soccer or modern dance.

  3. kojack

    Sadly, there are a formidable number of useful idiots and corrupt hi rollers who will vote for sHillary Rotten Clinton no matter what.