Ford’s Co-Conspirator In Plain Sight!

Posted October 4th, 2018 by Iron Mike

They really think we’re THAT stupid!   There was Doctor Ford’s polygraph coach – 20-year FBI agent Monica Lee McLean,  – attending her day of testimony – in plain sight.

She is Ford’s close friend since high school,  – the same woman who Ford had coached to take HER FBI polygraph over 20 years ago in California – when McLean was trying to become an FBI agent.  Can you smell the decay of truth and honor hanging over the FBI – when such people are their agents…?   Remember Ford testifying that NOBODY helped her prepare for her own polygraph?

Folks,  the plot to scuttle Judge Kavanaugh is fully intertwined with the corrupt FBI’s plot to scuttle Trump with their FusionGPS “Golden Showers” dossier.

Can you BEGIN to imagine what kind of EVIL TRASH will face Trump’s next nominee…when Ginsburg dies….?

Pray for our Young Republic Folks,  devils are ensconced in high places.

4 Responses to “Ford’s Co-Conspirator In Plain Sight!”

  1. Panther 6

    Appears the Republicans are pressing ahead with the confirmation. We may have resolution to this debacle shortly. Mike is correct, when our President nominates another for the SCOTUS it will be equally interesting. The only hope is that the 6 NOV election puts a firm GOP majority in the House and the Senate. This is getting almost as bad as the Vietnam Anti War protests with bus loads of demonstrators heading to D.C. Mr. Soros is making every effort he can to disrupt the administration.

  2. Mt Woman

    My question is, who will even come forward to become the next conservative justice after this debacle. Pres Trump, before his election submitted a list of nominees for the SJC–I can almost hear the phone calls going unanswered when the next seat opens up. The position to sit on the highest court in the land hardly seems worth submitting yourself to public ridicule and unimagined and biased scrutiny.

  3. Walter Knight

    The left and their rent-a-mobs have so wasted their credibility on false allegations that if something real ever happens, no one will believe them ever.


    Since 2011 and the fledgling Occupy Wall Street movement – to AntiFA today, – this has ALL been about Soros training and testing his Army of Useful Idiots for a massive civil disruption in 2020 or 2024.

    An army needs trained and battle-tested cadres….

  4. Ben

    We can only hope that common sense prevails.The liberals don’t care how ignorant they are. We as republicans have to get out to vote in large numbers.
    It is up to us to talk to our friends and relatives to get out and vote or the country is going to suffer.