For Deval – No End In Sight

Posted April 4th, 2011 by Iron Mike

Bad news just keeps on dripping!

Can he find the faucet?


It wasn’t even two full weeks ago when Deval Patrick got his face-to-face meeting with high level Fidelity executives.  Fidelity co-owner and VP Abby Johnson stopped by to explain to our deer-in-the-headlights gov’nr that the move of 1,100 jobs out of Marlborough was the result of a lengthy and carefully considered business decision.  


She kindly reassured him that his recent junket to Israel in search of fresh fruit had absolutely nothing to do with it.  Deval breathed a sigh of relief and gave a press conference.  Whew!

So Evergreen Solar is going to China, and Fidelity is hopping over the borders to Rhode Island and New Hampshire.  OK, time to plan the next book tour, let’s see… 17 days to cover Barrington, Boston, Cambridge and South Hadley, and some TV shows.  That should do it.

People are bound to forget that damn light fixture that fell in the tunnel – that my people didn’t tell me about.

What!?!?  What about the damned Harold??! 

Fidelity AGAIN!?!?

Yessir Yer’Excellency – seems Ned moved his private company up to New Hampshire last fall – even before the elections.  Guess he wasn’t takin’ any chances,  – you know Sir – our MoonBat filled General Court and all . . .

That’s right folks.  The Harold has just dropped another atomic bomb on Duh-val.  Seems last October the Johnsons moved their private company – Crosby Advisors – out of downtown Boston and up over the border to Salem, NH.

This is the little company of hand-picked and trusted folks who handle the Johnson private family fortune, – not Fidelity itself which handles retirement and pension funds.

Think about it – if you had a couple of million – let alone billion – would you hang around here and let the likes of  Therese Murray, JamieBoy Eldridge, Susan Fargo, Mark Montigny, Bob DeLeo, BrilloHead Benson, or Marco Devers find news ways to plunder your checkbook?

Those folks are using their elected office to cater to their socialist dreams and turn the Commonwealth into a taxpayer-funded sanctuary for illegals.

Anybody still here working for a living and earning their income is at risk of being plundered.

In the grand scheme of business, a 100-person private company move is nearly insignificant.

EXCEPT this one is the equivalent of a manned landing on Mars.  

It is a GIANT FLASHING LIGHT signaling “Get OUT – Get OUT!!  Run while you can!

Hey Deval – enjoy your book tour.  How many more will go before you get back?

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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