Football Team On Strike For A Scalp

Posted November 9th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Is the University of Missouri campus steeped in Racism?  Or have students forgotten why they want a college degree…?  Hunger strikes, protests, and a football team which refuses to suit up….
Missouri Football Team on Strike
Oh, and of course a US Senator with her 2¢….

Missouri Football Team

It seems the incident that set off the protests was a swastika – drawn in human feces – on a bathroom wall. This supposedly was a ‘hate crime’

BUT, – nobody has been arrested for the vandalism….thus it is unclear that a white person did it

Danielle Walker upset

But the group Concerned Students 1950 met with President Tim Wolfe – and presented their Eight Demands:

? Wolfe must hand-write and read a public apology acknowledging his White Male Privilege – and accepting responsibility for a series of incidents…

? The removal of Tim Wolfe…

? the University meet the 1969 demands of the Black Collegians….

? the University create and enforce comprehensive racial awareness and inclusion courses for students, faculty, staff, and administration.  The course must be vetted by a board of students, staff, and faculty OF COLOR.

? The University by school year 2017-18 increase black faculty and staff to 10% campus wide…

? institute a 10 year plan to increase retention rates for marginalized students [stop flunking poor performing Black students]

? increase funding and resources for mental counseling of Black students

? increase funding, resources, and personnel for Social Justice centers

I’m just sure these demands are going to be warmly welcomed by all Missouri students and by the taxpayers of that state….

…will the striking football players [and the coaches who have voiced public solidarity with them] – give up their free tuition and their salaries for the duration of the strike?

How soon before Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton descend upon the campus – looking for their cut…?

Jonathan Butler Hunger Strike

How soon before Obama dispatches Loretta Lynch and the FBI to investigate who put shit on the wall…?

Would I be racially insensitive – or overly suspicious – if I thought Mister Butler and Ms. Walker are looking for safe,  secure, lifetime appointments to cushy do-nothing campus jobs…?

Something stinks here, – and I’m pretty sure it’s not the shit smeared on the wall.

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill  [you remember her – the senator who ‘forgot’ she owned an airplane – and ‘forgot’ to pay taxes on it…]  says she is

“…confident my university can and will do better in supporting an environment of tolerance and inclusion.”

Thanks Claire – you dummy….. Nothing like a US Senator admitting guilt for an institution you haven’t set foot on in decades…..

Black Bullying Worked

Univ Prez Tim Wolfe QUITS!Wolfe resigns

This is an ending most unfortunate – because it will reinforce the twin myths of ‘white privilege’ and ‘Black Victimhood’ – thus setting back race relations – and black recovery – for at least another generation.

Wolfe, – you are a coward!

You had every legal and moral right to expel all the student ringleaders involved, and to shut down the football team for the season, – and to fire the entire coaching staff.


You’ve set a terrible precedent – other school will follow and within a few years it will become the ‘common belief’ that ‘White Privilege’ is somehow the root cause of all Black misery across the land.

LESSON FOR SCHOOL BOARDS: When you hire college presidents – or school principals, – hire people with convictions, guts, and backbones – and be ready to back them up!

UPDATE:    Thurs 12 Nov 2015   We learn that ‘things’ are NOT as they seem…. For instance – “Hunger Striker” Jonathan Butler comes from a VERY RICH family – hardly ‘oppressed by White Privilege’… Daddy is Eric L. Butler –  VP of Marketing for Union Pacific…made $8 Million in 2014… 


Jonathan Butler RICH hunger striker

UPDATE:   Thurs, 25 August 2016    For attempting to treat coddle these race-baiters like respectable and responsible grownups,  – instead of expelling and firing them as unwanted troublemakers, MIZZOU is paying stiff price:

Freshman enrollment is down 23%
overall enrollment down 7%,

– as students seek quieter and better run campuses.

16 Responses to “Football Team On Strike For A Scalp”

  1. Kojack

    50 years of Affirmative Action and LBJ’s “Great” Society have made up for national sins of the past as much as is possible. The race-baiters want reparations and to be MORE equal.

    It’s time we formed a congressional WHITE caucus, the NAAWP, WHITE Lives Matter and the united WHITE college fund…..just to even the score.

  2. MC

    Since the whites will be in the minority but will be the majority taxpayers, I think Kojack has a great idea.

    These college students who apparently went to college for something other than an education–on a hunger strike — can’t imagine how long that would last. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to find out that the “shit painter” was one of the activist.

  3. Tom Gilroy

    Isn’t it interesting how quickly the college presidents roll and resign? What is the total black population at Missouri? Are we retuning to the Black Activist era of the seventies? Where is the black pResudent who as going to unite, but in fact has fostered more racism that most that are alive have ever seen. First it was the phonetic Black lives matter, now it’s the anonymous sh-t hsndwriting on the wall. These students have way too much time on their hands. How are your grades, what’s your GPA, do you have a job, are you collecting welfare, are you a single parent or an absentee father or are you just a race baiting Black activist. If uou answer yes to any of the above, get out of my face and go away.

  4. Hawk1776

    I will probably sound racist but this is how one executes the black playbook. Claim racism. Claim unfairness. Claim bias. Claim inequity. Go on strike. Attract the media. Carry signs and picket. The administration will cave and you will get your way. It works every time. It worked at Holy Cross in the 1960s. It worked for Eric Holder at Columbia. It worked at the University of Missouri. I wish the president of the university had the stones to stand up to the mob but clearly he didn’t. Talk about the inmates running the asylum.

  5. Walter Knight

    Liberals need a cause, or else all is not right in their world. If their football team had won any games they couldn’t be thinking of cancelling the last three games.

  6. William Clark

    Walter – Tell us where your comment came from? – plagiarizing the Rush Limbaugh’s radio show.

    Like I have said this blogs followers are informationally inept.

    No need to fully read or understand the statements in this blog, just answer “Hell Yea” rather than copying Fox or Rush.

  7. Christine

    If you can find it read the book “Born Red” by Gao Yuan who was a student during the Cultural Revolution in China. This is truly scary stuff!

    Born Red

  8. Walter Knight

    University of Missouri students already are required to take a diversity class. What else do protestors want? More black professors and black study classes. An end to racial slurs, that aren’t really happening.

    In other words, this is a phony issue that can and will happen on any campus. No college administrator, even the liberal ones, will be able to do enough. The blueprint for unrest is now out there: Just hold the football program hostage.

  9. Kojack

    Willie Clark – the only INEPT one here is you. You seem to have a problem with truth and reality. You are the living definition for the phrase “USEFUL IDIOT”.

    I suggest you bone-up on your heroes…Saul Alinsky, Ward Churchill, Bill Ayers, Cloward, Piven and the rest of that ilk. It might make you feel better.

  10. Iron Mike

    SPOT ON Kojack! The poor man lives in the delusional world of cronic liberalism, – with his graduate degree in Know-it-ALL….

  11. Vlad

    What are they hiding? What are they ashamed of. I would think that being proud and respectful people they would encourage the press and the criticism that comes with it. Sadly that is not the case. They hide behind rights to attain their end….then trample those same rights when applied to others. A Socalist Utopia I’d say. Bring it on….I am ready for battle. And Miss Click….you are gonna need real muscle….not those children and black slaves you have there.

  12. Catherine

    I would have EXPELLED every student who signed those stupid demands and made a public statement that (1) a college is for EDUCATION of ADULTS, not babysitting whiny children who want to be pandered to in their quest for attention, and (2) anyone protesting the expulsions would ALSO be expelled, and then (3) if anyone suspects an actual CRIME (instead of committing the crime of shoving a political agenda down the throats of everyone at the school) the school would work with law enforcement and prosecutors to get criminals arrested and out of the school.

    This resignation just emboldens these proponents of societal downfall.

  13. Walter Knight

    I think Yale’s football team should walk out, and it’s entire faculty resign for not being sensitive enough to black issues.

  14. Walter Knight

    The blueprint for protest against racial insensitivity is out there. If Yale students are protesting over Halloween costumes, what’s next? I know what’s coming. It will be racist for BYU to beat Missouri 65-0 in their next football game. It will even be racist for me to cheer for BYU.

    Go Cougars!

  15. KarenG

    Payton Head is the president of the MSA (Missouri Student Association). He hails from the south side of Chicago. He is the student who claims that white men in a red pick up truck called him the N word the other night off campus. The local police department has no record of this incident. Head, using the N word story and his position as student body president, was largely responsible for creating the racially charged situation that resulted in the resignations of Wolfe and Loftin.

    Apparently Head was still not satisfied and posted on social media, in the capacity of the MSA, that it was CONFIRMED that the KKK was on campus. Head further claimed that he was coordinating safety efforts with campus police and the National Guard. His posts caused many students, fearing violence, to skip classes, hide in their rooms, or leave campus altogether.

    However, in Duke-like fashion, his KKK/Nat’l Guard claims turned out to be completely false, outright fabrications. Perhaps the red pick up story should be verified by polygraph.

  16. Walter Knight

    And now it comes out that no one ever saw the poopy swastika. It was just a rumor put out for the rent-a-mob.