Fool Us Once Barack . . .

Posted April 28th, 2011 by Iron Mike

So Obama releasing his long form and going on Oprah is the end of ‘the Birther’ debate?  Just that easy?  I strongly doubt it.
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This video makes some telling points.  But there are still too many unanswered questions.

As Nixon and later Clinton learned the hard way – it’s often not the initial crime, deception or denial which causes the downfall, – it’s the later series of lies and cover-ups.

While I’m hardly a hard-core ‘Birther’, I’d like a LOT more information from Obama:

–  why does this document look so pristine?  Where has it been all this time?  It was never folded?

–  where are your school records, college and law school writings, and the various passports you used throughout your life.  Who paid for your travels to Pakistan – and why?

–  can you give a logical explanation about your Connecticut SSN, and why you seem to have used various SSNs throughout your life.

–  can you give us definitive details about how and why BOTH you and your wife surrendered your law licenses?  

Mister Obama,  the first 27 months of your pResidency gives total justification to the worst fears of our founding forefathers.  You are precisely the man they feared might come along with divided loyalties and want to be king.

Barack, this is NOT about your ‘race’, or your skin color, or your religion.  It is about the content and character of your brain, your heart, and your soul.  

I’ve known dozens of Black, Asian, and American Indian men into whose hands I would much rather have entrusted our future.  They’ve each earned my trust – each with far more than a toothy smile, a slogan, a logo, a smart-aleck remark, or by playing the race card.  

But not you!  Your blatantly obvious conflicted loyalties,  your distain for our Constitution and for so much of our history, and your repeated showing of disrespect to our flag, our religious principles, and our American values give daily nourishment to the belief that you are the Manchurian Candidate.

Let me be clear Barack,  it is by your ACTIONS, – not your skin color or your birth place that I judge you.  It is by your ACTIONS that you FAIL.

By now it is too late for you to change who you are and what you are.  A series of suddenly proffered documents – whether real or forged – cannot repair or fill in the gaping holes of distrust that you created.  The old expression “too cute by half” comes to mind.  The smile isn’t working, the ‘charm’ has been seen through, and the real you is all too obvious to most of us now.

You fooled a lot of voters Barack, but they’re starting to see through the act.

Over the next few months as the price of gasoline continues to rise, as you continue to jet around the country on Air Force One, – still blaming Bush,  mocking Republicans and the TEA Party, and blaming big companies and the rich, I think even loyal MoonBats will begin to wake up from their drug-induced stupor. 

I for one now fully believe that you never intended to honor your oath.  My worst fears are confirmed – you are working with or for George Soros to drag down and destroy my beloved country.

Damn you Barack Obama.  Damn you to Hell!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

If you want to see a computer person’s opinion of the ‘birth certificate’ enjoy this video: 
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Is the cover-up coming unglued already?

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