Fool-of-the-Day Award: Jonathan Karl

Posted January 9th, 2019 by Iron Mike

You get invited into the Oval Office to witness the President sign a Historic Bill,  – and your best shot is to try to embarrass him…?

You thought you were so much smarter?  You thought he wouldn’t see it coming?  Short video below the fold:

So many in Congress and in the Media are absolutely convinced that Trump is some kind of buffoon, – and that they are so much smarter….

Yet,…they never ran for President….?

This the very first president the Media couldn’t control by either gentle steering – or by unrelenting propaganda barrage….and they are VERY FRUSTRATED!

2 Responses to “Fool-of-the-Day Award: Jonathan Karl”

  1. Mt Woman

    It sounds like Jon Karl is the only press in the room–I hear a ton of camera clicking, but no other voices. Such a tool!!!


    Watching Trump hand out pens, had flashbacks to Rodney Dangerfield in the movie ‘Back to School’ scene handing out pens. Rodney never got any respect either!