Florida Weinergate: ‘itsjustme24680’

Posted February 24th, 2012 by Iron Mike

What happens when a married Democrat state rep [male] sends harassing x-rated texts to a married federal prosecutor [female]?

He issues a public apology – and stays in office?

He loses his wife?

He goes on to higher office?     He gets a radio show?

Right now he is being investigated by the US Secret Service.  Anybody think that there has just been one single victim?

Florida State Rep Richard L. Steinberg became a lawyer in 1998, and a state rep in 2008.  Back in ’72 his daddy Paul was a rep, and later a state senator.

His victim, Marlene Fernandez-Karavetsos seems not to have enjoyed Richard’s cowardly anonymous attention.  He picked on the wrong girl – she’s a US Attorney – as is her husband George.  George graduated from Suffolk Law School and was as Asst DA for Mass and later Essex County.

Richy picked on the wrong lady.  His ‘apology’ will not save him; he will face both criminal and civil charges.  He may lose a lot more than his Yahoo account.

Little Richard is one of that pack of state dems who just redistricted US Congressman Allen West out of his district.  I wonder if wife Micky Ross-Steinberg – a successful realtor and event planner – will redistrict Richy out onto her front porch?

Richard, don’t you watch the news?  Didn’t that sad sack Anthony Weiner teach you anything?  Was it worth it?

/s/  Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

UPDATE:  Thurs, 29 August 2019   Florida Governor Ron DeSantis just appointed Marlene as a Judge of the 11th Judicial Circuit.

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  1. Mehta

    that prosecutor—not very hot. His wife is a lot hotter. She’ll be looking for a few million in the divorce.