Flaunting The Appearance Of Evil

Posted May 15th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Professional Ethics be DAMNED!”  Looks like Eric Holder wants President Hillary to appoint him to the Supreme Court.
Holder and Hillary  raw power
He hosting a 90-minute NY City fundraiser “Lawyers for Hillary” on Tuesday, May 31st….despite an ongoing FBI investigation

Government officials are supposed to AVOID events and actions which cast the ‘appearance of evil‘ or impropriety….

But Holder is FLAUNTING it.…the invitation specifies this is a $27,000/per person event – to sit at the ‘reserved premium table‘….

Gita TikuWant more info?

Call Gita Tiku at 646 647-2740

or email her at gtiku@hillaryclinton.com

Mind you, – this event is just a week before presidential primaries in California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

Bernie could burn her 6 more times…..

So,…as our former “Chief Crime Fighter” [aka Deputy Race Baiter] trolls all the high-priced lawyers in the greater NYC area for Hillary Funding,…has he already gotten the secret “ALL CLEAR” signal from Loretta Lynch and the FBI…?

Holder  all clear signal

…or is he taking a chance that she won’t be indicted…?

Hillary FBI Building

I think it would be wonderful if the FBI chose that Tuesday to grill her….

Is the very image of Eric Holder sitting on the Supreme Court enough for you to back Donald Trump?

Holder in Scalia's seat


2 Responses to “Flaunting The Appearance Of Evil”


    NOW THAT WOULD BE ALL THAT IS NEEDED FOR A CIVIL WAR.many in this country have had enough of the extreme “horseshoe” we have been forced to consume.

  2. Jim

    Her ability to stack the SC with socialist sympathizer justices should be all we need to think about in order to NOT vote for her… and remind everyone else of the same thing.