FLASHBACK: Shifty Adam Schiff – 2013

Posted February 4th, 2018 by Iron Mike

For a guy who has been RANTING about ‘protecting National Security’ and ‘not disclosing sources and methods’,  when it comes to the FBI / DOJ lying to the FISA Court,  – there was a time when Shifty Schiff was all for more transparency.

How do voters know when a Democrat is lying?   When their lips are moving!   Watch this 2-faced weasel get all holy about not abusing the FISA Court when he was interviewed by Russian TV – back 4½ years ago.  Not the song he’s been singing lately!
Interview below the fold:

Back in 2013, Democrats like Schiff were terrified that the Snowden leaks to Wikileaks would reveal their dirty personal deeds and their routine misuse of FISA Warrants….

When that danger seemed to have pased,…they relaxed.  

Until…the FBI / DOJ Cabal began wiretapping Trump and his friends – based on the Hillary Clinton-generated Golden Showers lie. 

Today Schiff isn’t worried about “sources and methods”;  – he’s worried about his own ass,  – and protecting the Cabal of Never-Trumpers at the FBI, Justice, and the Obama White House.

When their lips are moving!

2 Responses to “FLASHBACK: Shifty Adam Schiff – 2013”

  1. Mt Woman

    He’s despicable

  2. Ben

    Blah,blah, blah, blah, blah blah. He says what ever his agenda fits at the time.
    What a creep!