Flag Stomper Scott Compton

Posted January 9th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Scott Compton
Meet Scott Compton – the smart-ass English Teacher at Chapin High in South Carolina.

He thought it would be clever to make a point – by stomping on Old Gloryin three classes.  He was trying to make a point about symbols – and became one himself – of a dumb-shit and disrespectful teacher.  Maybe he forgot that we drape the caskets of our dead warriors with that flag?

Funny, he didn’t stomp on the Gay Pride flag or the UN flag… Yes, they suspended him.  Maybe he should look for a teaching job…in Pakistan?

UPDATE: Friday 29 March – Compton agrees to resign.  Has been on paid leave the incident [aka free money].  Don’t let the door hit ya’ Scotty, the doorknob might become embedded…

UPDATE: 7 May 2013 Cowardly Lexington-Richland 5 School District pays this punk a whopping $85K “to avoid litigation”.  That’s taxpayer money Folks – handed out to an asshole!  We can only hope he never works again in any school!

2 Responses to “Flag Stomper Scott Compton”

  1. lee

    What a piece of unAmerican garbage. Scott needs to use the money and move up north with the other commies like Bloomberg. And people wonder what’s wrong with the kids today, scum like scott compton teaching in our school’s. Please put your kids in a good private school and get the poor kids out the public sewer (public school)

  2. lee

    Scott looks like a man who would hang out in rest area’s late at night teaching on his knee’s.