F**k These Spoiled Racist Millionaires!

Posted September 24th, 2017 by Iron Mike

America has given these New England Patriot players NOTHING but opportunity.  Team owner Robert Kraft is an extraordinary gentleman with a boundless generous heart.

Now these mega-rich entertainers are giving back insolence and sheer disrespect.

If life is so bad for them here,  – if they feel SO oppressed 152 years after our Civil War,  – and after 8 years of a Black Governor and a Black President

maybe they should go to Africa and try out for a team in the African NFL…?

When you flaunt your lack of knowledge about American History,  – and your disrespect for our Flag,  – for our Nation,  – and for your Fans, – – I for one won’t watch your games, – – which means I won’t see your sponsor’s commercials.

10 Responses to “F**k These Spoiled Racist Millionaires!”

  1. Commandcaddy

    Did not watch an NFL game last year for this reason and have not watched one this year either.

  2. MC

    Finding that I enjoy the college teams just as much without all the BS– besides there aren’t as many commercials 🙂

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    I didn’t witness this, but I’m told the entire Pittsburgh Steeler team stayed off-field during the National Anthem….save one….Alejandro Valenuevo(sic). His Alma Mater? West Point…..

  4. Kojack

    To make matters worse, they’re teaching this REPREHENSIBLE behavior in the pee wee football leagues.

  5. John Pagel

    If these assholes didn’t have football they’d either be in jail, selling drugs or be dead.

  6. Hawk1776

    Remember the old adage “don’t bite the hand that feeds you”. Let’s see what the ratings were for yesterday. IMO these players epitomize stupidity.

  7. Asusue

    Thank you for posting the names of these ignorant jerks. But is there a way to find out the names of those players standing? I know Brady stands but I read he was linking arms with others. It would be interesting to know who they are. Honestly, I find it disappointing that Kraft puts up with this.

    # 92 is DL Geneo Grissom – age 25 from Hutchinson, KS. 6’4” x 265

  8. Ben

    With all the ways you can protest, this is not the right venue. It’s not the flag that puts you down. Get out and vote if you’re not happy with your politicians.

    Look up history to find out what party supported the thing you abhor.

  9. Sherox

    It is interesting that the NFL is going to the mattresses to defend the players’ rights saying that Trump said they should be fired if they do not stand. Trump said he wished that owners would fire them which is very different from what the press is saying. The NFL said no to shoes for the players to honor 9/11 victims but that was not a case of players’ rights. It is strange that one is and one is not in the minds of the press and the players and the owners.


    Well about those 9/11 shoes,….we KNOW the NFL didn’t want to insult their millions of Muslim fans….

  10. Walter Knight

    America has a race problem, but that is no reason to stop watching the NFL or movies. Liberals would destroy football on all levels if they could, for no other reason than it is a successful American institution. This is a war for our culture.