Five Years: Amazing Contrast In Styles

Posted June 6th, 2019 by Iron Mike

I’ve been watching the Trumps on their D-Day overseas trip, – and frankly they’ve shown a lot of class.

Compared to five years ago – the change is breathtaking!

I’ve been watching our President – our Commander-in-Chief, – who feels comfortable with himself, with the Queen, and with the troops of England and America, – who seems to relate on a personal level with the veterans, – and who actually likes them…

We didn’t see that five years ago.  Back then,  troops and veterans were mere background props….

As time passes,  History will not be kind to Obama, – who always seemed angry at White America;  – but then,…he wasn’t very kind to us.

The whole Trump Team has done a great job on this trip!  We are well served, – and we should be proud again.  I sure am!


2 Responses to “Five Years: Amazing Contrast In Styles”

  1. panther 6

    Spent the last three days with Irish friends (from Northern Ireland) at St. Pete Beach FL. They were quite impressed with Mr. Trump and his whole team especially Melania. Seems he did well in the UK and the ‘ould sod’ as well in their minds. Frankly Melania is more of a class act than Jackie Kennedy-Onassis in my opinion.

    The President’s speech today lauding the men and women who made 6 June 44 successful was a real winner. Give em all hell Donald. This trip must be driving the demorats crazy. Even some of the MSM are applauding his performance.

  2. Varvara

    Melania brought flowers to leave on a grave. It might have been just a token but a beautiful thought.