Five MoonBats & A Snarly Muslim

Posted December 4th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Newton’s Democrats call Trump “the Savage”,  and they’ve invited their moonbat faithful to come meet 5 Democrats and a Muslim who want Woody Woodpecker’s House Seat….
Bring your checkbooks! The only guy happy is the Ice Cream Man;  – he won’t need to make any more tedious trips to MassHole,  – pretending he lives here and that he cares about what people here think.

Jesse Mermell – former Deval Patrick flunky,  – now endorsed by Squad Member Ayanna Pressley!

What you’re seeing in this picture is Squad Member Pressley stabbing a supporter (Ihssane Leckey) in the back.

Leckey busted her ass to help get Pressley elected, – but that was all the way back in 2018….

Alan Khazie has been running for offices (and losing) for decades.  Here he is with Caroline Kennedy and Little Michael Bloomberg.

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