Five Black Thugs Wanted By NYPD

Posted May 13th, 2019 by Iron Mike

A Forest Hills, Brooklyn Queens mugging nets $20 and credit cards used for $200 of McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts food. A thug’s gotta eat you know….it’s hard work.

The victim, Kevin Wong got 35 stitches and 16 staples.  Will he still be a Democrat? Video

These young men came of age during the Obama years.  It seems “America’s First Black President” had ZERO effect on their life choices.

Wanna bet these young goons attend the local high school?

Reparations anyone?

3 Responses to “Five Black Thugs Wanted By NYPD”

  1. Vic

    FYI, Forest Hills isn’t Brooklyn, it’s Queens.

    TY Vic!

  2. Varvara

    Too bad the mayor doesn’t walk the streets……

  3. panther 6

    Well the NYPD should be able to track em down. BUT will justice be done?

    I agree with Mike, our first black president has not really influenced the black youth to become a real part of mainstream America and succeed today. The opportunity is there today but some folks, black – white – red – yellow follow a different drummer and end up in the slammer or killed by a policeman or policewomen they disobey.

    Why isn’t Black Lives Matter pushing/beating the good citizenship drum to influence kids like this to be good citizens? Only when they are dead to they matter to BLM.