First Scowl Takes ANOTHER Solo Vacation

Posted November 2nd, 2015 by Iron Mike

Moosechelle Obama spends a week in Doha, Qatar and Amman Jordan – takes left-wing clown Conan O’Brien with her…
Michelle Obama WISE  w Conan
Qatar is a nation rich enough to buy Lockheed C-17 airplanes…

Qatar C-17  flying horse trailer

to transport race horses.

Al Udeid Air Base

So Michelle is visiting our troops stationed there [Oh Yippie!] [legal cover for the trip] and delivering a speech at WISE – the 2015 World Innovation Summit for Education – where she’ll of course talk about education for women.

WH Press Release

King Abdullah IIThen it’s on to see the sights in Amman, Jordan – before her husband sells that nation out from under King Abdullah and ISIS destroys all the antiquities…

Her ‘traveling companion’ for this trip is Conan O’Brien – the snarky left-wing funny-man, – coming along to entertain the troops…[Whee?]…

Take a gander at the Sponsor Page of WISE – to understand how much money is floating around Doha, – and why so many companies are there trying to sponge some of it up…

Doha Money

One Response to “First Scowl Takes ANOTHER Solo Vacation”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Will there be a prime time special hosted by Conan O’Brien to highlight the trip and the wonderful countries where sharia law makes women less than second class citizens? Will the MSM track this vacation boondoggle or will they, as usual, follow whatever narrative they are fed by the administration? How will the First Lady depict the United States in the scheme of education for women? There should be some very interesting sound clips if anyone is paying attention. Stay tuned!!