First Lady – Or First Lizard?

Posted April 1st, 2012 by Iron Mike

Who on Earth is dressing

First Lizard Michelle Obama?

Exactly what ‘statement’ is she trying to make?

Is there a Nobel Prize for Tackiness? CAUTION:

Michelle, were you simply born tacky, – were you raised tacky, – or are you taking courses?

What message are you attempting to send to young girls?

How does this add to the prestige of the White House, your husband’s administration cartel, or the American People?

This is the lizard suit she wore to the Kids’ Choice Awards in Hollywood, which she attended with her daughters.  When do they go to school?


5 Responses to “First Lady – Or First Lizard?”

  1. Karen G

    I bet WE payed alot of money for those god-awful get-ups…somebody call the fashion czar.


    The green slime went well with the silver outfit.

  3. TeaTime

    No class.

  4. Walter Knight

    Are you kidding? The President’s babe looks hot.

  5. Walter Knight

    I got an E-mail suggesting I get checked for glasses. Thank you very much.

    I live in the rain forest of western Washington, surrounded by tree-hugging liberals, but my eyesight is usually fine. Purhaps my brain gets a bit soggy from the rain drops.