First Family Needs A New Country

Posted December 3rd, 2016 by Iron Mike

Eight long years of living like Third World Potentates,  they can barely be bothered with going through the motions and customs of National Leadership….
Michelle,  her mother,  and her spoiled children don’t even pretend to enjoy the event,  – where a tree outshines their celebrity….

I think the Obama Family needs to find a new nation to rule over,  – so they can continue to live a life of luxury and pleasure,  and rule by royal decree,  – unbothered by the petty problems of the little people and the peasants.

The Obama girls in particular – have spent 8 years in the most exclusive of private schools,  – guarded constantly by diligent palace guards (er, by long-suffering Secret Service Agents),  and traveled the world like 19th Century royalty…..


How are these girls going to adjust to the real world when they wake up on Saturday morning January 21st?

How long will it be until we hear the inevitable sad stories of binge drinking,  drug use,  and questionable boyfriends,….and then a year of ‘taking a break’ from college studies…?

And…the always surly Michelle Obama…?  


Where can she find a country to be proud of,…where grateful peasants will grovel and throw flowers in her path…?

8 Responses to “First Family Needs A New Country”

  1. FLICK

    I hear there’s an opening in Cuba.

  2. Varvara

    The White House is for the President, his wife and children, not for his mother-in-law. When Laura Bush’s mother was ill, Laura went to take care of her, not move her mother into the WH. As for the spoiled girls, they had distain at the arrival of the turkey a couple of years ago. I thought they were spoken to and have become more polite.

    Eight years at an exclusive school, $38K, per girl, per year, one would expect them to have better manners.

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    Forty-eight more days……

  4. Mt Woman

    I’ m counting down the days! Can’t come too soon!

  5. Catherine

    I pity the girls; with better parents they could have turned into young women to be proud of. Instead they have been carefully taught that they deserve the best in exchange for their scorn and rudeness. I hope they wake up and smell the coffee; get a clue, and get a life.

  6. Panther 6

    Antarctica comes to mind as a delightful place where they could spend their remaining years. Would not need a lot of SS protection. Maybe Michele could find something there she could be proud of.

  7. Ron Motta

    Hey guys! Remember that AMERIKA created them by voting in ’08 and ’12…and remaining silent as they spent OUR money to support their excesses! They were treated like terribly spoiled children who never hear the word “NO” by doting dummies called “parents”.

  8. Anthony cocco

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