FINALLY! Some Justice At The VA!

Posted July 18th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Trump’s VA Secretary David Shulkin has acted – admittedly on a Boston Globe report,  – and removed two career slugs from control of the Manchester VA Hospital.  It’s a good beginning.
Now how about some criminal prosecutions?

There are over 1,200 VA medical facilities across the USA,  – including 168 hospitals,  – and while some are well-run,  many of the 9 million veterans are poorly and even horribly served. 

It is one of America’s worst ongoing scandals.

The problems are that all of the hospital administrators are career government employees – nearly immune from being fired.  The VA has traditionally awarded cash bonuses even for mediocre performance.

AND,  the employees are unionized – and again – nearly immune from being fired.

So when Shulkin made waves last week and fired two career SLUGS,  New Hampshire’s two pathetic excuses for US Senators both issued inane and pathetic comments:

Shaheen: called the allegations “deeply troubling”, adding that “no veteran should experience the substandard care described in this report.”

Hassan“the poor conditions and quality of care alleged by whistle-blowers at the Manchester VA are completely unacceptable.”

REALLY BITCHES?   How many times did you personally get off your asses and go inspect that VA Hospital just 20 miles away – when each of you were governors of that state? Things didn’t suddenly turn to shit there; – it happened over decades!

And by the way Governor Charlie Baker,  Senators Squaw and Ice Cream Man Markey,…how many of the VA facilities in Massachusetts have you INSPECTED?

No, not just ‘visited’ for a photo-op – but walked through in DETAIL?

Remember Folks – Democrats think of elected office as a way to line their pockets,  – to find employment for their lackluster relatives,  and smile for photo-ops.  They have ‘staff’ to write their press releases.

At RRB we wish Secretary Shulkin good luck and may the Force be with him as he begins to clean up a tragic mess!

And Secretary Shulkin, – how about some criminal prosecutions for depraved criminal neglect and theft-by-taking unearned government paychecks…?

3 Responses to “FINALLY! Some Justice At The VA!”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    God help Secretary Shulkin….

    Just wait until the poor guy runs up against NAGE (National Assoc of Govt Employees…) and its affiliated unions and their grievance arbitration procedure. And may God forbid the folks he fired or fires are veterans themselves because if arbitration upholds the dismissals, they get to take their case to the Merit Service Protection Board, and the Department of Labor is not a friend of responsible management…..

    I’ve been there and done that. I’ve disciplined or removed employees who were thieves and absolute malingerers and had some reinstated with back pay and benefits. I’ve seen timecard defrauders and sick leave and workers compensation abusers returned to work. I’ve read decisions where the arbitrators said things like they routinely look to find ways to save the job of the grievant.

    Like President Trump frequentlt tweets: “Sad!”

    Shulkin’s going to need action officers who understand those bargaining agreements better than the union officers and their lawyers and can prepare bulletproof cases. Otherwise, this first round of dismissals will simply become year-long paid vacations for the grievants…

  2. Mt Woman

    My husband is a 100% service connected veteran, contracting a viral infection while serving in Korea in the 50’s. His care at VA Boston has been exceptional, cardiac surgeons and cardiology has saved his life numerous times, most recently after a month at West Roxbury. His doctors are the same that he would have had at the Brigham. I agree that all VAs are not created equal, but neither are community hosptials or medical centers in big cities. I don’t know about Manchester VA, but whistle blowers are sometimes just malcontents who get the ear of the press and/or congress folks looking for a hook to lay on the Trump’s administration. I want Secy Shulkin to make all the VA’s the best they can be, but realistically, many hospitals have similar issues/problems/outcomes as the VA, but there are no 24/7 media or congressional hacks out to make hay with the stories. When was the last time you read in the press about how clean your local community hospital is per a whistle blowing employee–I don’t think I have ever seen such a story. At the VA–pretty commonplace. Just trying to shed a little equal light on the story.

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    Mt Woman:

    I agree….

    Personally, I’m treated at the VA in Cape Coral, FL. Exceptional. No other adjective for it…..