Posted May 18th, 2020 by Iron Mike

The terrorist was actually a Saudi air force lieutenant – here for pilot training.   But he’d sold his soul to jihad years before, visited NYC to memorialize 9/11,  and hosted a dinner party where he and other Muslim students watched mass-shooting videos.  Then on Friday, 6 Dec 2019,  – he killed three and wounded eight, – as his Muslim classmates filmed him.

Without any help from Apple,  it’s taken the FBI these 5 months to unlock the asshole’s phone and read his text messages. He was in contact with ISIS leaders.

Back on Wednesday, December 2, 2015,   a Islamist Muslim family who worked for San Bernardino County in California attacked their own annual Christmas Party,  – with illegally acquired AR-15s and pipe bombs.

They killed 14 and wounded 24.  And Tim Cook and Apple REFUSED to help crack their iPhones….

Now after the Chinese Coronavirus Pandemic,  – Tim Cook wants to prove what a patriot he is. 

He’s going to move all (or maybe just some) of his Apple factories from China,…to India.

After four years of doing stories about Comey,  McCabe,  Strzok, Page et al.  et aux.,   it feels really GREAT to write a good news FBI story. 

There are mostly heroes in the Bureau,  – and still a few traitors.

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  1. Jim Buba

    Ah, the infamous Apple iCloud Identity Password Lock. The secret to this function is two-part synergy where the hand-held device navigates various Wi-Fi and Cell Phone Carriers to lock a connection between the Apple Server/Service and the device during Authentication.

    While all this gobble-de-gook seems ‘Secure’, ‘Safe’ or ‘Private’, it is not any of those factors to which Apple; or Comcast or AT&T or any other ‘carrier’ points when wooing bank loans or trades in equity. They do desperately pray you ignore the ‘Millions of Subscribers’ and do not ask about how many of those ‘Millions’ have actually accessed their accounts or paid their bills within the last year.

    You know, sort of like Fraud on Steroids.