Finally: Duh-val Patrick Fires 4 Hacks!

Posted December 12th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Humbly and gratefully RRB accepts partial credit!
Bye-bye Bigby

Folks, these firings have been long overdueHey Gov, clean out ALL of Heffernan’s hacks!   Watch ’em go file for disability!

Fired Four

Now let’s see if Duh-val replaces hacks with hacks.

Given the TAXES we pay in this state, – our public servants should be ROCKET SCIENTISTS!


Forgive me, but does it seem to you that Deval has a marked preference for public servants of a certain size, shape, and color? 

Sheriff Cabral just had a prisoner die in her jail; – that case is not resolved.  She looks like a walking disability retirement case to me… 

Am I being too harsh?   Does she look like someone who can run our Emergency Services, our National Guard, our Prison System, our State Police, and our troubled Crime Lab?

Or does she look like just another AA/EEO hire on Deval’s scoresheet?

– – – – – – – – – AND NOW  – – – – – – 2 PM Wednesday – – – –

You CANNOT make this *STUFF* up:  Just a day after firing her – Duh-val says Bimbo Heffernan “would make a great judge”!?!?

Give us a break Gov, what the HELL does she have on YOU?  Does she have the proof about your affair with your campaign manager Amy Gorin?

How can you possibly say that this bimbo who recommended bad driver Sheila Burgess to head up Transportation and Highway Safety – is qualified to be a judge?

5 Responses to “Finally: Duh-val Patrick Fires 4 Hacks!”

  1. Tom

    Heffernan bathed herself in glory during the cross country dog and pony show that the state put on to avoid the implementation of Secure Communities and endeared herself to the illegals and the moonbats. Now it’s time to secure that disability to beef up that obscene pension.

  2. Jim Buba

    Ah, those were the days, eh? The Dog and Pony show included a cow and a slob to boot. The three or four of them sat around, occasionally reminding their UnHoly See to remain civil.

    Pack your chutes!

  3. Don Ordway

    In the past several years we have seen some good coming from Political Hacks. We at least have a heads up on where to search for them as they abuse their power,they’re on top of Beacon Hill. It’s a shame that they choose to use their political power in a negative way especially when the opportunity to do good is right in front of them.

  4. Jim

    You’re absolutely being too harsh. It’s not her fault she looks like that since your state has yet to ban 32 oz. soft drinks.

  5. Tom

    You hit the nail on the head, she has got the incriminating photos. Just what we need another liberal judge. The criminals and the defense attorneys must be sitting on the edge of their cells and Barkaloungers. What a great Christmas gift for the slime.