Finally! A Congressman With Guts!

Posted September 5th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Jeff Duncan, R-SC-3rd gets under Kerry’s prickly skin – forces him to bluster and bombasticate.

Kerry’s fall-back as usual is ‘I served in Vietnam’ [just 4 months, 12 days – used ‘3 PHs’ to request early DEROS] – but he doesn’t answer one word about Benghazi!  Since this is sworn testimony, Kerry is now officially part of the Obama Benghazi cover-up!

Hey Kerry, you think ~ maybe ~ that ‘war hero’ thing is wearing a little thin…?

5 Responses to “Finally! A Congressman With Guts!”

  1. Hawk1776

    After listening to Kerry pontificate and harangue people during hearings for thirty years, I find it amusing to watch him on the other side. I thought the funniest part was during an inquiry from Senator Ron Paul. After a long winded defensive response, Kerry looked over to General Martin Dempsey and asked “General, do you want to add anything”?

    The General replied “No, not really”.

  2. Walter Knight

    It’s been “15 days?” If we wait a few more days to launch our missiles, we can destroy Syria’s air force on 9-11.

    How’s that for symbolism?

  3. Varvara

    Jeff Duncan you are terrific! I especially liked when the tall funny looking man, I think his name was Kerry, responded about his Viet Nam experience. Does this administration and it’s minions think all of us are stupid, and have no opinion?

    Thank the good people who know the difference and express their opinions.

  4. Casey Chapman

    Kerry needs to shut the hell up about Vietnam. Swiftboat and all! This is the same guy who famously threw his medals away when he got back home. What a loser. He’s the only person I know who looks like he’s had more botox treatments than Nancy Pelosi!

  5. Sam Adams

    This freakin’ bast*** came home and sat in front of Congress and TORE UP HIS FELLOW SOLDIERS WHO WERE STILL DYING ON THE BATTLEFIELDS OF VIET NAM!! This traitorous lying sack of sh** should be hung by his Botox eyelids! And what’s that thing that keeps darting out of his mouth, a snake?