Fighting The FOREVER Tax

Posted August 7th, 2013 by Iron Mike

The push-back against the ‘to Infinity and BEYOND!’ gas tax begins – with a ballot initiative.
Gas Tax Pushback 
Activist Republicans [so unlike most of the MassGOP] join TEA Party activist to announce a ballot initiative to halt the new gas tax from being indexed to the CPI – in PERPETUITY.

Are you surprised that many lifetime lying Democrats – Jeff Roy [Franklin], Jim Cantwell [Marshfield], Carolyn Dykema [Holliston] and Jonathan Zlotnik [Gardner]…
– ALL campaigned against new taxes last year – then EAGERLY voted FOR this tax?

Now see the very best part of the day….Hangin with the HOT Republican Chicks
Yep, me – hangin’ with the hot Republican Chicks!
[I’m no fool,…Democrat women are either ugly outside,… – or inside. Shudder!]

Bad enough that Obama’s anti-carbon energy policies have more than doubled the price of fuel in 4 years – now Mass MoonBats want to pay for Deval Patrick’s choo-choo train with the FOREVER TAX!

Folks, we’re going to need a LOT of signatures to get this item on the ballot for 2014. Let’s get it done! 

While we’re at it – great time to drive home the point that 60+ years of one-party Democratic rule has given us a state near bankruptcy, – with industry all but gone, and a $103 Billion Dollar state DEBT.

What did we buy with that money? A bloated state payroll staffed with politicians’ relatives.

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  1. Harry Huckum

    Please like the facebook page:

  2. Walter Knight

    Mass GOP Chair Kirsten Hughes was spot-on talking about the Forever Tax on TV before others did, pointing out Democrat leaders want a pass on raising gas taxes.