Fighting American Socialists

Posted October 3rd, 2010 by Iron Mike

Being something of a history student, it is hard to look at the video and photos from Saturday’s Socialist Rally in DC without feeling pangs of fear for my country, and feeling the rage swell up in my neck.  Of course these fools have a constitutional right to free and even obnoxious speech, and I guess a similar constitutional right to be pathetically ignorant. 

This afternoon in Acton I will attend the wake for an American warrior who spent over half his life in uniform – trying to keep them free.  He just lost a battle with cancer.  In his final hour – wracked with pain and sedated with drugs he was still a more valiant patriot and finer American than that whole October 2nd socialist mob put together.  We must not allow his life of selfless service and sacrifice go to waste.  We must know these domestic enemies, and we must fight back. 

I’ve often said that Socialism at its core is a pseudo-philosophy which attempts to legitimize laziness and envy

It is built upon the myth that if there are rich and powerful people who appear to control events, government, industry, and wealth, – they could ONLY have gotten rich and powerful by illegal and unethical means.  They must have exploited poor people, ignorant people, whole races of peoples, and the earth itself.  They must have made up rules to benefit themselves, rules which kept them in power easily, and which kept millions and even billions of peoples in slavery and poverty.

Even worse, these rich powerful people start wars of expansion, colonization, and even extermination to ensure a steady access to raw materials, food supplies, labor, and markets. 

Here in the USA, the socialists and communists have been selling their story under many guises for decades.  School children hear about how white people couldn’t get along with the peaceful Indians, so they exterminated them.  How white people imported slaves from Africa because the Indians wouldn’t work on their plantations; – how white America expanded west and killed off the buffalo which reduced the Plains Indians to starvation, how we sold them small pox infected blankets to exterminate them, how we colonized Latin America, the Philippines and the Chinese Coast after wars of expansion.  Every “social crime” is linked to the ‘greed of rich white capitalists’.  You should feel a sense of shame and guilt.  And now we’re killing the planet with CO2, – we have to change EVERYthing – immediately.  Buy a Prius.  Stop drilling!

Once they have sold you on these basic concepts, the socialists will explain that the problem is so vast that the only solution is to bring down the rich through massive restructuring of the nation’s laws, and massive taxation of anybody even ~ slightly ~ rich.  Thus you saw Obama in his 2008 campaign play with the number $250K.   It was supposed to make you feel ‘safe’.

Other socialists in history have been more violent.  The communists simply killed millions of people in Russia, Eastern Europe, China, Cuba, Vietnam, Cambodia, and now in Venezuela.  Hitler and Mussolini killed millions too.  WWII is generally thought to have accounted for some 64 – 68 Million dead

Socialism relies on several moving parts.  A mass of people [voters or peasants – doesn’t matter] who really don’t understand history or economics.  That pretty much describes the average US Citizen under the age of fifty.  [20% of them don’t vote.].  These people must believe that they are ‘victims’. 

Speaking of ‘victims‘ – why do you suppose the Obama Cartel is doing things to keep unemployment at 10% and higher?

Next there must be villains.  Lenin used the Tsar and the Russian royalty, Hitler used the Jews, in Cambodia it was anybody with an education, or a ball-point pen, or glasses, or a shop.  In Venezuela it is any foreigner who owned a business, and now any Venezuelan who owns one.  Today American Socialists use “the ruling class” of “rich, powerful, greedy” people who are ‘guilty’ of exploiting the masses, and who MUST be brought down, or simply eliminated. 

To assist your mind to accept victimization, you are taught about endangered species, from tiny fish to Polar Bears.  Always rich greedy humans are at fault.  Always there is a government solution.

Socialism is not a process of smooth or peaceful redistribution of wealth and power.  It is a process which relies on ignorance, upon churning envy into anger, upon mindless voters and mindless crowds, all leading to a violent taking by mob action. 

And all of this justified and legitimized by “fairness”.  In today’s America fairness is sometimes called “reparations”, particularly by the several noteworthy poverty-pimps in the Black and Hispanic communities. 

In today’s America you can watch labor union leadership turn to Socialism to stay in their jobs.  Having spent three decades creating the legal nightmare of America’s federal and state labor laws – the very laws which eventually drove our industry off shore, they are turning rank and file member frustration and fear against the ownership.  “All of your problems are the result of the rich owners squeezing out the last dime of profit – at your expense”.  Union leaders go to schools to learn how to whip up mob anger.  The Obama-Soros Cartel is counting on this.

What to do?

  1.  Time is VERY short.  The election of Scott Brown back on January 19th bought us only a few weeks of time, and the opportunity for otherwise cowed conservatives and constitutionalists to run for office.  Forget your instinctive distrust of the political party system and this November 2nd vote Republican.  Throw every socialist bastard and Pelosi dupe out of Congress.  This will only buy us about a year.  So be prepared to use 2011 very wisely.

 2.  Do not trust the current entrenched “Republican” leadership at any level.  They are mostly RiNOs, many are nearly as liberal and as “progressive” as the Democrats, and are in politics for their own selfish interests and egos.  Many couldn’t hold a real job any more than a Harry Reid, a  Nancy Pelosi, a Niki Tsongas, or a Barack Obama. 

 3.  At every level from your town and city committees – throw the RiNOs to the back of the room, and rebuild your party’s structure, membership, and public image.  Get involved!  No, those old fossils DON’T know best.  They’ve spent a lifetime blowing it.

 4.  Quickly brush up on your history of the 20th Century – so you can argue intelligently and persuasively with MoonBats.  Get and keep a copy of the Constitution with you.  It is a POWERFUL tool, and most MoonBats have never actually read it. 

 5.  Get the Socialists, the “Progressives”, the Liberals and the MoonBats OFF your school committees immediately.  Attend those boring meetings and PRESSURE THEM!  Demand that when school principals and administrators and history teachers are hired – that they be Conservatives.  It will take twenty years to correct the damage that forty years of socialist teachers brainwashing our kids have done to our country.

 6.  If by God’s Grace Republicans pull off an impressive win this November 2nd,  DON’T let your local RiNO leadership get away with taking credit or crowing about ‘their’ success.  Any Republican who wins this November will have done so on the single issue of national revulsion to Obama/Reid/Pelosi.  And damn-it, remember that any win ONLY buys you a few weeks to get organized for 2012. 

 7.  Start organizing for the 2012 elections.  Assume that if the Dems have lost control of the House this November, they will be back with a vengeance.  Look for an ugly summer in 2011, and even worse in 2012 [think 1968 all over again].  If you have kids in high school and college, talk to them NOW – so they can resist the herd mentality and stand up for their country and their Constitution.

 8.  Stockpile certain supplies.  Prepare to work without the internet, without email, and in an atmosphere where socialist thugs will intimidate you.  Assume that the Obama thugocracy will create “crises” to justify taking over the internet, disburse gatherings, and to suppress opposition. 

 9.  Set aside cash to support worthy conservative candidates in 2012.  Do NOT blindly give your $$ to established political parties – certainly not to the MassGOP under its current RiNO leadership.  There are more worthy men and women available, – DEMAND THEM!!

10.  Brace yourself for renewed attempts to strip you of your 2nd Amendment rights and to control and confiscate your guns and your ammo.  You know what you need to do.  Do it!  Remember that Socialism cannot work in a society of informed and armed citizens!   Stay informed, stay aware, and stay armed.  Remember that these American Socialists are not our only domestic enemies, – there are also the radical Islamists and La Raza.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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