Fidel Castro’s Last Ride: A Failure Foretold

Posted December 5th, 2016 by Iron Mike

He stormed onto the World Stage as a “Liberating Freedom Fighter”,  – then he told us he was really a Communist,  – and very anti-American….(because he needed a bogyman to blame).
His last ride out of Havana was emblematic of the failures of his ruthless tyrannical attempts to improve the lives of the Cuban people.


The stately image they wanted Cubans and the World to see…


The cameras don’t lie.  As his ashes were being hauled Eastward toward his final resting place,…the ancient Russian jeep broke down….


So of course soldiers pushed…..


Then – as an old soldier myself,…I noticed the spare tire was worn flat….


Remember America,  – this was the Communist dictator who inspired many US Citizens to publicly acclaim him,  – even to emulate him….


Remind you of anybody…?


Young Americans – those under about 35 – have no clue who or what Fidel really was…


…because American school teachers are keeping them ignorant!


WHO will explain to your kids and grand-kids….

….just how close to Communism the Democrat Party has drifted under the Clintons and Obama….

…and why we have our 2nd Amendment!

One Response to “Fidel Castro’s Last Ride: A Failure Foretold”

  1. Ron Motta

    Ah yes… the purity of communism….everyone working (pushing) together!!! THAT’S what we need here in Amerika!!! Perhaps Mme. Hillary will be back in 2020….or Liawatha…or “young” Bernie??? What a bench we have in this country!!! A total embarrassment of riches….!