Ferguson Grand Jury: Wilson Innocent!

Posted November 24th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Let the looting and burning commence. After three months of deliberations the Grand Jury has spoken; – now the savage tribes will have their say.
Ferguson Grand Jury no true bill

Saint Louis is already the #5 murder capital of the US, with over 35 murders per 100,000 citizens. They’ll be pushing to overtake Detroit now.

Nothing shows respect for the First Black President and grief for a dead thug like burning your town and killing people!

No true bill

Here comes Eric Holder to convene a Federal Grand Jury to indict for “Civil Rights Violations”.  His 100 FBI agents are there to watch the cops.


crowd in front of police station

29 people arrested…

24 Nov 2014

Obama addressed the nation disappointment in the verdict clearly showing on his face and in his words. He doesn’t like it when facts, the Constitution, or the legal process gets in the way of his agenda.

Turns out – he hadn’t bothered to listen to the findings of the Grand Jury.

Obama didn't listen

4 Responses to “Ferguson Grand Jury: Wilson Innocent!”

  1. Mark

    OH SHIT!!!! here we go!

  2. Tom Gilroy

    Where are the two race baiters, not Obama and Holder, Sharpton and Jackson? They are all culpable in this urban terrorist activity. The Black Pathers, the Communists, probably even Muslim terrorists just to stoke the fires of Ferguson, LA and NYC. When will we hear from Obama admonishing the rioters? Probably never. When will we hear him blaming the police? Probably Tuesday AM.

  3. Walter Knight

    The government brought government-subsidized housing (projects) to the burbs, importing local rioters and thugs from St Louis, ruining Ferguson. These transients have no stake in the community, and don’t care if it burns. It can happen soon in your neighborhood.

    Rioters burned down businesses, knowing the police would not shoot them. We’re too civilized. Gunfire exchanges could be heard in the neighborhoods, where the police were afraid to go. Ferguson armed itself, so the rioters stuck to where they could riot safely, near the police and TV cameras.

  4. Victor

    There are lots of muslim protesters in Ferguson right now calling for a boycott of Israel and Jews. One of them spit in an officer’s face and was arrested.

    The protesters in Ferguson are welcoming of anti-Semitic Muslim thugs (they are probably part of the terrorist group CAIR). Where’s Obama?