Female Navy Destroyer Skipper Relieved

Posted April 12th, 2021 by Iron Mike

Hopper is undergoing modernization at Pearl.  The previous skipper, – Commander Jeffrey Tamulevich, – was relieved after an attractive young Petty Officer spent too many nights in his cabin. Dawley had been in command for just under a year.

3 Responses to “Female Navy Destroyer Skipper Relieved”

  1. Jim

    I do remember a time when we were leaving port in Naples, and a couple of swabbies smuggled a prostitute on board, stowed her in the boatswain’s locker and were charging $5 a go.

    The giveaway was a line of guys down the entire port side. The offending sailor was removed and not seen again after we steamed back into port.

  2. Jim

    The ship has big problems. Why would a ship in dry dock undergoing modernization have morale problems. When we were in a similar situation, in dry dock in Charlestown, it was an opportunity for much extra liberty. Especially while the yard birds were doing all the work.

  3. Panther 6

    Back in the late 70s many of us floating around Ft. Bragg saw this coming and we were labeled as woman haters and anti woman. Well the politicians and feminists got what they wanted and look what it got us.