FEMA & The MVD: A Pact Most Sinister

Posted July 2nd, 2013 by Iron Mike

Russian troops on US Soil? Because…Napolitano doesn’t trust ours?
Russian MVD Internal Troops
Ever heard of the US-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission Working Group?  Didn’t make the news much here.  We went to the Russian news services.

signing away sovereignty

They just signed an agreement for long-term military exchanges – Russians here watching how we deal with big emergencies and big crowds…  What could possibly be wrong with that?

PONDER: The FEMA and Napolitano think USA doesn’t have enough police and troops to deal with hurricanes, tornadoes, forest fires, floods, and Super Bowl crowds? Really?

Or,…is Ms. Napolitano envisioning a point when we Citizens become so fed up with this Socialist Oligarchy that we finally do rise up as ‘the well-regulated militia’ to seize back control of our Constitutional Republic?

Is she afraid that with 1,000,000 Americans [mostly armed] in the streets of Washington [as the Egyptians were in Cairo yesterday] – that our own military might not shoot or bomb us?

So is the real plan to bring in Russia’s MVD divisions – to control key areas, – like the Capitol, the White House, the Supreme Court, the Pentagon, Andrews AFB, the NSA, the key crossings of the Hudson and the Mississippi…?

Is she envisioning Russian troops defending the Winter Palace?
The Winter Palace

At this point Folks, – I put no acts of TREASON past these scheming socialists.  This bears watching.

7 Responses to “FEMA & The MVD: A Pact Most Sinister”

  1. Sue

    When I saw this story last night I got chills. never heard a whisper about this. I had the same thought as Iron Mike. Are they afraid the US troops would refuse to fire on us if ordered to do so? Chilling.

  2. Tom

    Why is this not being covered by the media? I never envisioned that we lived in a police state, but obviously Obama and Nepolitano have different ideas. Where are the members of the House and Senate? The administration is taking a meat cleaver to the military and on the other hand they place our internal security in the hands of the Russians. This is a very serious situation that requires very close scrutiny.

  3. Varvara

    A question or two….. Do the Russian soldiers speak English? Will the officers be Russian or American?

    On more question – Where the hell is our Congress?

  4. Wallygatorr@hotmail.com

    Oh good grief.

    Conservatives lose credibility when the kook factor goes up with concern about stories like this one on FEMA. It’s hard enough overcoming our social conservative wing of the party.


    Really? We ‘lose credibility’?

    How come if Napolitano envisioned that we might someday need real help after some catastrophic event, – how come she didn’t make a deal with the Canadians, the Irish, the Brits….peoples who are friendly towards us?

  5. Casey Chapman

    The reason this is not being covered by the lame steam media, is that a lot of them are in favor of the U.N.’s fantasy of a one world government. Starship troopers comes to mind.

  6. Walter Knight

    World leaders gain prestige by signing agreements with other world leaders. Any agreement will do, even a benign one like disaster coordination. No one believes the Russians are going to throw EBT cards as their peasants after an earthquake, or that we will invite Russian or UN troops to patrol our cities?

    These agreements are worked out in advance of any trip by subordinates. It’s all for show. Chill. If you like conspiracies, be more concerned about carbon taxes.

  7. Kojack

    The U.S. Army, already overburdened, is cutting 12 combat brigades. Juxtapose that to the FEMA/MVD story, DHS acquiring billions of hollow-point rounds and “street-sweeper” armored vehicles and the recent IRS and NSA scandals and a conspiracy is not too much of a stretch.