Feisty Arizona Fighting Back

Posted April 16th, 2011 by Iron Mike

Arizona has long been under siege – Ground Zero for illegal immigration, drug trafficking, and human trafficking.  State and federal law enforcement officers have been murdered in the desert.  Getting no help from the Feds under either Bush or now under Obama, they tried self-help by passing their own immigration law – SB 1070.

Obama – who wants to fill America with as many illegals as possible – then sued Arizona. 

Arizona Republicans are fighting back, and biting back – with a new law.

House Bill 2177 [referred by some as the ‘birther bill’] will require all persons running for Federal office to provide absolute proof of eligibility, i.e. US Citizenship and the status of their birth before having their names placed on the ballot.

This bill has actually been floating in the Arizona legislature for several years.  Perhaps the recent activity of Donald Trump and the continued arrogance of our pResident was enough for the Arizona Senate to pass it.  Governor Jan Brewer has until Thursday to sign it.


UPDATE Tuesday – April 19th:  DAMN!  She didn’t!  She thought the bill put too much power in the hands of one person – the Secretary of State.  Grrr!

So what will Obama’s position be?  He’s had three (3) full years to clear this up

Arizona won’t be alone in this.  Several other states have similar bills working through their legislatures.  By early 2012,  Obama may have to put up or shut up.  And that may be the exact opportunity Hillary is waiting for.  I bet she has her birth certificate ready and waiting.

So the Dems could replace one disbarred attorney [with a disbarred spouse] with another disbarred attorney [also with a disbarred spouse].  Yuck!  Double Yuck!

And, if Obama [or some Democrat group acting on his behalf] sues to have HB 2177 overturned, they are essentially admitting that Obama does have something to hide.

Mister Obama – care to explain this to us in your own words?

2 Responses to “Feisty Arizona Fighting Back”

  1. B Howell

    I sometimes think that Governor Jan Brewer has more strength, willingness and fortitude to do the right thing than most other people in our government today. I applaud her!

  2. whathehell

    Three cheers for Jan Brewer, She would make a good VP pick for the Donald.