Federal Retirees Beware!

Posted May 16th, 2011 by Iron Mike

You can ALWAYS trust
your Federal Government, right?

Maybe not . . .

Attention Federal Retirees:  Your Treasury Secretary – ‘Turbo-Tax Tim’ Geithner – is about to break into your piggy bank. He’s going to help himself to your retirement funds.

Why is Geithner going to use YOUR money?

Because he and Obama can’t stop spending on their socialist ‘spread-the-wealth-around’ schemes.

They’re giving money to illegal immigrants, to Brazilian oil exploration, to Columbian oil refining, and to environmentalists.  Oh, and to ACORN and the SEIU too.

Tim says:  ‘Don’t worry Clyde, I’ll pay you back just as soon as Congress raises that pesky $14.3 Trillion debt ceiling and I can sell some more USA Junk Bonds to the Chinese.’

Yeah, that should be just great for your grandkids!

Well Clyde, you and most of your 1.6 million buddies always voted ‘Democrat’.

You thought as a government employee you should ‘look out for yourself’.  Who is looking out for you now? Obama? Geithner? The Democrats?

Guess again!  Now you’re just one vote, and an expensive liability. You cost a pension, and Social Security, and medical care. They have better uses for that money. They have votes to buy.

Maybe you should stop into town hall and register Republican?

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

You young people – email this to your grandparents.

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