FBI’s Top Lawyer Dana Boente Resigns!

Posted May 31st, 2020 by Iron Mike

He’s held a series of high profile jobs – including Acting Attorney General when Sally Yates was fired.

He’s been praised in public by Trump, – before he signed off of the pre-dawn raid on Roger Stone.

Boente began his federal career in 1984 prosecuting tax fraud cases. His reputation is that of a quiet man. Loretta Lynch described him favorably as “…that reliable middle child”.

We may never know his full involvement in burying the case of Hillary’s emails and her illegal server….or how much he assisted with the phony Russia Probe by Robert Mueller.

A History of Prosecuting Republicans:

In early 2015 Boente got a 2-year conviction on Republican campaign consultant (and Fox contributor) Tyler Harber,  – for both managing a political campaign and secretly running (under an alias) a PAC that spend $325K on ads,  – and lying to the FBI about it.   Harbor remains the ONLY person ever convicted under the act.

Later in 2015,  Boente was involved in the sentencing of Virginia Governor Bob McDonald for bribary under the Hobbs Act.

McDonnell and his wife Maureen were given 24 months.  BUT, a mere 6 months later the US Supreme Court overturned the convictions, – stating that the definitions of illegal acts under the Hobbs Act were so broad as to possibly cover any act by an elected official.

The timing of Boente’s retirement raises some questions.  He’s only 66 years old,  seems to be in good health,  and has a reputation for long hours and loving his work.

Why leave now?

Has Dana been hearing footsteps coming down the hallway?

2 Responses to “FBI’s Top Lawyer Dana Boente Resigns!”

  1. Stubby Buddy

    Boente was one of those who signed off on the fraudulent FISA paperwork on Carter Page, used to justify illegal spying on President Trump (AND Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Sara Carter, John Solomon, and MANY others). See page 271 of this document:

    Rats abandoning posts as the ship goes down. He swore (by his signature) “I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing information regarding Carter W. Page is TRUE and CORRECT.”

    We have been promised that no one will escape the justice that is coming. So he may run, but he can’t hide.

  2. Michael W Dane

    For years and years we have seen many allegations similar to this turn out to be true, yet nobody has been charged or convicted of a crime. We have a two tiered justice system propped up by corrupt media.