FBI Traitors And Their Owners

Posted February 1st, 2018 by Iron Mike

One of the FBI’s most embarrassing black eyes was the tainted career of Agent John Joseph Connolly – of their Boston office. Then came Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

Connolly sold his honor and his badge to Whitey Bulger,  – for a more comfortable lifestyle.  He’s been in a federal prison in Florida since 2011.

McCabe has yet to feel the bracelets.   But his days of freedom are numbered,  because if Hillary doesn’t have him Arkancided,  – honest agents will come knocking with an arrest warrant.   Just a matter of time.

John J. Connolly must be REALLY PISSED that he sold out to Whitey,  – when he could have sold out to Hillary and made a LOT more $$$$.

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