FBI L-O-S-T Server’s Chain Of Custody?

Posted May 7th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Inept,  – crooked,  – and utterly corrupt,  – the FBI we have just learned LOST the Chain of Custody to Hillary’s illegal server.
So…they created a new one!?!

No wonder the bitch was so arrogantly confident there would never be any criminal findings! The “fix” was safely in – – 1 year earlier!

The oh-so-smug and self-serving Mister Comey was FBI Director during those years, – this all happened on HIS WATCH!   What has he got to be smug about?

Remember this case was high-profile – involving criminal negligence and possibly TREASON committed by a (former 1st Lady / US Senator / Secretary of State) during a time of war (Obama’s half-assed fake war against ISIS).

No wonder Comey was drafting the exoneration letter even before Hillary and Cheryl Mills were questioned – – he already knew they’d “lost” the evidence,  – and could never go to court with it.

So he called her “extremely careless”.…instead of grossly negligent…

Mister Comey – you and your posse are treasonous!

3 Responses to “FBI L-O-S-T Server’s Chain Of Custody?”

  1. Kojack

    Just more validation of what we already knew.

    Rudy said over the w/e that he regretted not accepting AG when Trump offered it to him. Mr. President, what are you waiting for…?

  2. Vince

    When are we going to throw this bunch in jail?

  3. MC

    Like all things in FBI and DOJ maybe it will appear magically.

    There is always the Weiner laptop with over 650,000 of Hillary’s emails squirreled away on it. I wouldn’t want to wager that Giuliani hasn’t seen everything that was on that laptop.