Father’s Day 2016 In Our Young Republic

Posted June 19th, 2016 by Iron Mike

These are troubled times in our Young Republic; – troubled times in Western Civilization.Lion and cub

We are under the onslaught of Muslim savages from the desert kingdoms,  – from the expanding Chinese Empire from across the Pacific,  – from the Aztecs to our South,  – and worst of all from godless heathens trying to bring down our Republic from within.

What can any good Father tell and teach his children?

FIRST,  look to the ancient wisdom contained in the Bible and the Ten Commandments.  Even if at some deep level you wonder about the nature – or even the existence of God,  – you have to recognize there is ~ some force ~ directing the atoms and molecules in the planet – and in your brain.

If you can sometimes hear ~ a little voice ~ saying “Don’t do it…”  – you should listen and trust your survival instincts….or God…

SECOND:  look to nature.  Animals behave in certain ways to survive, – and the higher the order of animal the more time they spend caring for and teaching their young,  and the members of their herd, pack or flock. 

Always the weak, foolish, or inattentive manage to fall victim,…and don’t get to reproduce.

Darwin’s Rules apply,…i.e. Drink and drive like a teenage asshole and you’ll likely die as a result of meeting a tree or telephone pole.

police lightsHang around with drug users or other assholes,  – and you’ll likely have an unpleasant meeting with police officers late some night….and maybe get to see how our justice system works,…and how lawyers make their money….

Understand the role of the scavengers in Nature.

Hyenas at a kill


Hyenas, jackals and buzzards do very little hunting or killing themselves,  – they eat the rotting meat left over by the lions.  In other words, – they are the Democrats of the Serengeti,  – eating carrion and fighting over dead bodies.

dung beetles

Understand the role of the Dung Beetles – the career government workers of nature,  – who spend their entire lives depending on buffalo turds…..and they’ll fight over a prize turd


THIRD:  look to History and our Constitution.  European settlers arrived in North America by a series of accidents – some might say miracles, – and managed to survive and then thrive.

One of those miracles is that for the first time since Ancient Athens men were free to live,  think,  and determine their fate without having to bow to a king.

That independence produced a stubborn, hearty breed of pioneers and entrepreneurs who turned a wilderness into 13 thriving 18th Century colonies;  turned struggling survival settlements into towns , then into rich, prosperous colonies with wealthy cities like Boston, Providence, New Haven, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Charleston, and Savannah.

In the 153 years between the Pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock in 1620, and the defiance of the Boston Tea Party in 1773, Religious Freedom,  the need for individual and family responsibility,  and local Self Government created a whole new mindset in the original Americans;  the mindset that ‘government’ is something that We The People create – to work for us!

Those ideas and ideals became embedded in our founding documents – the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution with it’s Bill of Rights…


Americans have fought and lost over 1,300,000 men to secure and preserve those ideals and ideas,  – and to liberate a hundred million people from tyrants and despots around the world.


FATHERS,  you must explain to your kids – and your grand-kids,   – that in most countries the people living there are raised to believe that they owe obedience to their government – to their rulers.

We believe just the oppositethat our government owes obedience to us and to our Constitution, – which is why elected officials,  police officers,  and soldiers swear an OATH to our Constitution.

By contrast Hitler had his army swear an oath – the Reichswehreid to him personally….


Look at History to understand Current Events:   Today we have a 21st Century version of the National Socialist Workers Party – dressed is softer clothing,  – using softer words;  – but still bent on a one-world global government – run by them….

Hitler rose to power blaming rich Jews….and promising “Lebensraum” –  living space….

Obama Clinton Cartel  modern Nazis

Modern Nazis blame “Millionaires and Billionaires”…and the ever-present bogyman “Man-Made Global Warming”…..and they promise a ‘level society,  – a comfortable dignified retirement,  and ‘Green Jobs’….

It’s essentially the same snake-oil!

Teach kids to ask tough questions,…like:

 –  If Democrats claim that Republicans are ‘racist’,…why do they support – and FUND,  abortion mills that kill mostly Black and Hispanic babies…?

 –  Why, 50 years after LBJ’s “Great Society” – his welfare scheme to buy Black votes, – do Blacks still live crowded in crime-riddled inner-city ghettos…?  

And why do those Blacks keep on voting Democrat…?

 –  Why,  – if private gun ownership for 150 years made America prosperous and free,  – and thus able to throw off the Rule of George III,  – and then kept us free for another 240 years,…do Democrats suddenly feel that guns are a threat to public safety.  Why do they make speeches about banning guns,  – while surrounded by armed guards?

 –  Why do Democrats see every real or imagined problem as a burning need for more laws and another government agency to deal with it?

 –  Why after 8 years of sexual escapades – some with very young and vulnerable women in the White House, – would anybody want Bill Clinton back there to continue his bad behavior…?

 –  Why hasn’t Hillary been indicted yet for her illegal use of a hacked private email server to send and receive highly classified government secrets…?

 –  Why isn’t the media all over the Clintons for accepting foreign money – in particular from harsh Muslim countries which stone women to death and kill gays…? WHERE is the outrage?

 –  Why didn’t Obama build a wall along our Mexican border – seven years ago? 

Obama on the Mexican Border

And why can’t this so-called Harvard Law School grad speak without a teleprompter?


I am a Republican,   – because I understand History,
– and because I never met a Democrat worthy of the blood of a Patriot!

4 Responses to “Father’s Day 2016 In Our Young Republic”

  1. Sherox

    Proverbs 22:6
    Train up a child in the way he should go,
    And when he is old he will not depart from it.

    Society does not place any real value on dads. As the saying goes, anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad.

    Being a dad means that you are totally committed to those children, whether they be yours biologically yours or not.

  2. Panther 6

    Happy Father’s Day to all the BLOG Readers. Your advice and counsel is right on Mike. Don’t think you missed anything either.

    Happy Father’s Day to all.

  3. Massachusetts Gun Rights

    Where is the like button?

  4. Kojack

    Good thoughts for Father’s Day, Mike.

    I was going to nominate the Dung Beetle as the new DEMOCRAP Party symbol but when I thought about I realized that an ASS is more appropriate.