Father Andrew Kemberling – ROCKS!

Posted June 8th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Father Kemberling gave the invocation to the Colorado Republican Assembly.
He starts deceptively slow. Watch and wait. He ROCKS!


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  1. Prim

    Thanks for posting that. Was a great way to start my morning!

  2. Lonnie Brennan

    “Now, when we talk about socialism, that sounds politically incorrect. But, as a Catholic, I have earned a free-pass to talk about socialism, because others who have stood with us HAVE DIED at the hands of socialists for the past two centuries….”

    “…personal choice and personal property…” “Socialists want to take that responsibility away from us…..”

    “Socialism is a foreign threat to our Democracy. I am tired of this experiment, and I hope you are tired of it too.

    YES, HE ROCKS. This is a keeper. Wish we had EVERY Catholic priest and EVERY CATHOLIC wake up and realized the threat that is against us.

  3. Brad

    It is so funny hot time and politics changes all things. When Andrew Jess Kemberling was a monk of the desperately failing Holy Cross Abbey (as A Benedictine monk) and a student at Saint John’s Abbey/Seminary in Collgeville, Minnesota, in 1984-1987, he was all about inclusiveness, women’s rights, etc. Then, when his monastery was about to be closed by the American Cassinese Federation of the Benedictine Order, instead of staying and help save his Order, what does he do? He flees the coop and the becomes an Diocesan Priest and makes a 180 degree change in philosophy! He becomes anti-lay ministry; anti-women; anti-lay ministry and a dear friend of Fox News. Maybe he bumped his head when he was moving is boxes of belongings out of Holy Cross Abbey? Did he forget to mention the Financial Settlement he received before departing from the Abbey? And what was that settlement for? Were there any allegations attached to that settlement? Why did he abandon his brother monks? A monk makes a vow of stability to monastic life forever. Why did he not transfer to another monastery? And why is he now appearing in political advertisements? Would Saint Benedict approve of this? Perhaps Father Andrew needs to rethink his entire vocation including those vows he first spoke at Holy Cross Abbey and how he abandoned his monastic calling and now seeks fame and fortune with the likes of FOX NEWS characters.

  4. tim norton

    Fr. Andrew indeed rocks. And whoever thinks he is against women? that’s a very odd statement based on his running the largest parish in Denver and tons of great programs for women, and run by many many women. But I guess it’s typical that people would cast him with labels.

    Well said Fr. Andrew, keep standing up for the truth!

  5. Rachella

    This is such a joke. My little brother went to STM School and he let him be bullied by all the rich kids. He ignored the pleas of my parents to do something. He is standing for the bunch of rich crumbs held toghther by their dough.
    Our Lady of Lourdes is a better parish and school,
    Enjoy kissing the feet of the RICH, and caters to them so as not to loose his big donors. Fact that he ever took a vow of poverty is a big lie.

  6. JA Valent

    I came across your site looking for more info on Fr. Andrew Kemberling. I would like to follow! God bless America.


    Welcome aboard! Kimberling ROCKS! We try to ROLL!