Fast & Furious – Another Voice For Truth

Posted June 24th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Over three years ago – as the Obama Cartel was beginning their evil work, and RRB was just getting started, I called your attention to the evil plan the Cartel was working on vis-à-vis guns, drugs, immigrants, and our Mexican Border.

Some dismissed me as ‘just bitter over the election’. Others were harsher. OK, so we’re another 38 months down the road, and Congress wants to know what Eric Holder knows.  And Obama invokes ‘Executive Privilege’?

Young Bill Whittle has a few answers for you.  Has he been reading RRB?

Wherever you live in the USA – start calling your congress critters to support Darrell Issa – HOLD HOLDER in CONTEMPT!  And, if you’re ready to learn about how twisted this operation is, and about the third (3rd) gunman, click here.

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