Fake Republican “Rejoins” MassGOP

Posted February 5th, 2019 by Iron Mike

This back-stabbing RiNO (stealth Democrat) was censured by the MassGOP for endorsing Obama….and he now thinks you’re too stupid to know, – or too preoccupied to care.

Changing your party is just a slip of paper at Town Hall you slimy rat bastard; – changing your self-serving anti-Trump politics is something you’ll never accomplish.

4 Responses to “Fake Republican “Rejoins” MassGOP”

  1. Lonnie Brennan

    Last time I saw this bastard live was at a Republican convention.
    He looked hammered, and smelled bad.

    Snubbed a Republican candidate running for congress.
    Guy stood there wish his hand extended in greeting.
    This bastard just looked at him, and then continued on his way.

    Endorsed Obama, ran against Trump.

    Piece of political debris.

  2. Joshua Norman

    Weld also got censured in 2014 by the Newton RCC and Watertown RTC for endorsing Democrat legislative candidates Mike Day against a moderate-reformer (Caroline Colarusso) in the 31st Middlesex Rep race and for endorsing former Senator Richard T. Moore against Rep. (now Senator) Ryan Fattman in the Worcester & Norfolk Senate race.

  3. Sherox

    If anyone needs proof that the real Massachusetts Republicans in the party need to take decisive control, not to wait for the MAGOP leadership to do something, and to throw these Democrats in the party out of the party, this is your proof!

  4. Kojack

    Bill Weld – yesterday’s RiNO trying to stay relevant.