Fake Media Pushes Glenn Beck Enough

Posted May 19th, 2018 by Iron Mike

The staunch never-Trumper has awakened!   It was the Media’s MS-13 lie Friday was the final straw.
Glenn,…really, what took you so long?  Reminds me of a battlefield conversion of an atheist to believe in God and start praying. 6-min video

You youngsters may not know or remember – that during those eight long terrible Obama years,  – Glenn was a pillar of reason and Constitutional grounding for everybody who understood how badly our Republic was being damaged by the fraud.

I never understood why exactly he went off the reservation in 2016,  but he did.

Welcome home Glenn!

8 Responses to “Fake Media Pushes Glenn Beck Enough”

  1. Kojack

    This is indeed welcome news. I was a big Glen Beck fan until he became a Never-Trumper; even going to the point of endorsing Hillary Rotten! After that I cancelled the Blaze and wanted nothing to do with him.

    I’m glad he’s FINALLY on board (now that Trump’s 1st term is almost half over) but my view of him is still jaded, I think he’s just too much of an idealogue.

  2. Peter S

    Welcome aboard Beck. Beck is a consummate opportunist, so his finally joining the Trump train must mean Trump’s stock is rising and Beck needs work.

  3. Mt Woman

    Thank you Glenn Beck for seeing and talking about the truth!

  4. Ben

    Even if he didn’t like Trump enough to vote for him, he should have despised HRC and wrote in a vote. He lost me when he said he was going to vote for Hillary.

  5. Hawk1776

    Beck is an idiot. Why anyone would watch him or listen to him is a mystery.

  6. Panther 6

    Glad the ‘Beckster’ is on board but his charisma has truly faded and I don’t listen to him now. When he first made it big he was good but he lost it and me over time.

  7. Sonny's Mom

    Whatever it takes!

  8. Walter Knight

    If Beck sounds conservative until he is needed during a close election, then he is a fake conservative, and is playing us for money and fame.