Failed pResident Changes The Subject

Posted October 3rd, 2015 by Iron Mike

His foreign policy in shreds, – with Czar Putin eating his lunch on a daily basis – Obama the Wimp expresses anger at the NRA, Guns, and Gun Owners.
Failed obama
He’ll let neither facts nor common sense stand between him and the Socialist Dream of a Disarmed America….

The LA Times has a pretty good list of domestic mass / spree killings – dating back to 1984.  It will refresh your memory of events you probably tried to forget.

Here are just a few:

Chris Harper Mercer Umpqua College Oct 2015

Dylan Roof Emanuel African Methodist Church June 2015

Elliot Rodger Ila Vista May 2014

Adam Lanza Newtown, CT Dec 2012

James Eagan Holmes Movie Theater – Aurora, CO July 2012

Jarod Lee Loughner Mall Tucson Dec 2011

Major Nidal Malik Hasan Fort Hood Nov 2009

Seung-Hui Cho Virginia Tech April 2007

There is a common thread…the locations….

School Classrooms, Churches, Workplaces, Malls, Theaters all soft targets where disarmed and helpless people are trapped by walls – and disarmed by regulation.

Only Elliot Rodger – the failed romantic – knifed three roommates – before driving the streets of Ila Vista – shooting young people at random.

If Obama hadn’t been so focused on including Muslims in the American military – the Fort Hood mass murder could have been prevented

Obama finds it easy to blame GUNS.  Both stupid voters and gun-phobic voters will rally to his cause.

he who controls the guns

No mention of damaged brains,  and poorly prescribed and poorly monitored anti-psychotic drugs….

Anti psychotic side effects

No discussion of bringing back the state hospitals for the criminally insane…

Nah, we gotta try ‘mainstreaming’ these head cases…. Let’s find a way of keeping guns out of their hands though…even if it means disarming honest citizens!   They can always dial 9-1-1.

Hear any real talk about how a citizen falsely accused of being dangerous – say by an angry spouse or a jilted lover – might have his case heard – quickly – by an impartial panel of judges and psychologists?

Too much profit in the nutjob business and the anti-psychotic pharmaceutical business to address how to weed out the brain damaged from among our kids – say by age 16.

If Obama was truly interested in the issue, – he’d be leading the charge for cutting-edge DNA research into identifying those with missing genes and those with violent genes.   

Just as gene therapy offers a real hope for cancer cures,  gene therapy might solve a lot of mental illnesses…

massive gun turn-in

But liberals / socialists are NOT INTERESTED in ‘cures’;  – what they really want is a disarmed American population,  – a population helpless in the face of government edicts.

those who refuse

And now our wimpish cowardly pResidentwho can’t even protect our Middle East allies from ISIS [or from Russian bombing] – wants you to focus your attention on his desire for ‘Gun Control’ here in America – where we’ve already suffered attacks by Muslim terrorists….

Armed Guards

…and soon enough HIS DAUGHTERS will be on college campuses – protected around-the-clock, by the Secret Serviceand their GUNS!

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