Extreme Derangement Thrives In Cambridge

Posted August 10th, 2018 by Iron Mike

It’s gone way beyond ‘harmless venting on Twitter’,…because for every gay left-wing nut job, – there is likely an equally screwed up nut job willing to engage them.

Brandon James Ziobrowski grew up in Chambersburg, PA  – (Gettysburg country),  – one of the most beautiful and historical areas of America.  But he grew up twisted.

He’s been tweeting threats against authorities and political figures for at least the last 9 years.

He wanted to slit John McCain’s throat,  and he said GUNS should only be legal for shooting the police…

like the 2nd Amendment intended”…

This week came his offer to pay a hit man…

What is it about Cambridge that attracts all these mental cases?

If Ziobrowski wanted attention, he’s got it now,  – to include an all-expenses paid trip back from New York City where he was arrested, – to the Moakley Federal Courthouse in Boston.

Being white Brandon,  – you’re the perfect person for the Feds to make a national example of. 

You’re about to become a POSTER CHILD!

You better hope you are adjudged a mental case Brandon;  because those horny fellas over in Danbury Federal Penitentiary are really looking forward to meeting a guy with your special talents!

6 Responses to “Extreme Derangement Thrives In Cambridge”

  1. Vic

    better get this kid some soap-on-a-rope!

  2. Sherox

    Do you think anything will actually happen to this man?


    He better PRAY that some really sharp criminal defense lawyer takes his case – and can find 2 shrinks to testify that he has delusions…i.e. a head case.

    He’s looking at a year in a nuthouse – if he’s lucky,…but the Feds have a PERFECT guy to make into a poster boy….

  3. Walter Knight

    Ziobrowski is not crazy. Meet the enemy.

  4. Panther 6

    This lad is a zero. A couple of years in a hard time slammer might well give him another frame of reference. He will be popular among the old cons. Serves him right.

  5. Okie

    Walter Knight – Exactly. It’s coming, a second American Civil War, which could VERY EASILY provoke a global war, the likes of which we have yet to know. Unfortunately.

  6. Kojack

    Walter & Okie – You guys are right-on.

    The 1st Civil War started in Kansas in ~1855 when pro and anti-slave factions were intermingled in that territory. Fort Sumter was when the armies of both sides were thrust into it.

    The 2nd Civil War has begun already but so far, only the left is fighting it for the most part and the shooting hasn’t started yet. This one will be much more divisive and devastating than the 1st one.

    “What is it about Cambridge that attracts all these mental cases?” That’s a question easily answered….miscreants, anti-Americans and social deviants are warmly welcomed by and feel right at home with the Leninist moon-bats who dominate the People’s Republic of Cambridge.

    Ziobrowski probably would get a more appropriate sentence in New York.