EXPOSED! Hillary P-A-I-D For The LIES!

Posted October 25th, 2017 by Iron Mike

The so-called “Smartest Woman in the World” was so stupid,  so evil,  and so desperate that she paid some sleaze-masters for DIRT on Trump….

And the best they could manufacture was a ‘Golden Showers’ lie….
So they went with it – and Comey and Brennan BELIEVED IT,  – and never checked!

There are two (2) key parts to this ridiculous story:

The FIRST PART is the flawed candidate – Hillary Clinton – a woman whose entire career was built on lying, cover-ups, denials,  and disposing of witnesses…..

…that the pathetic Democrat Party could find NO OTHER WOMAN to run for President shows how corrupt and inept that party is.

NOTE:   Last year there were 76,000,000 American women – Natural-born US Citizens with no criminal records,  – over the age of 35,  – each eligible to be President,  – and almost ALL of them more honest than Hillary!

The SECOND PART is the story of the people Obama put in critical jobs, – like running the FBI and the CIA.

Brennan is an IDIOT – too stupid to connect the dots and too corrupt to tell the truth.

Comey is a coin-operated CROOK,  – equally as dirty as either Bill or Hillary Clinton.

That NEITHER man was honest enough or smart enough to validate the story before running to Obama with it,   – while simultaneously leaking it to the MEDIA,   – tells you how totally vulnerable and exposed this nation was for 8 terrible years!

RRB called this story a HOAX when it came out….

6 Responses to “EXPOSED! Hillary P-A-I-D For The LIES!”

  1. Integrity 1st

    CNN is still talking the Russian Trump collusion, and had Clapper on to verify it – – – all day.

    Where is Sessions????


    Clapper is another traitor in the Obama Cartel who should spend 30 years in an ugly prison!

  2. Hawk1776

    With apologies to Chester A. Riley, “what a revolting development this is”.

  3. John 'Ben' Beninati

    What goes around, comes around

  4. Kojack

    In another time long past, THE WHOLE OBAMA CARTEL WOULD END UP SWINGING ON THE GALLOWS for this treason.

  5. Walter Knight

    The problem is Washington DC juries will indict Republicans no matter what the evidence.

  6. Panther 6

    If only this can get legs and even some of the MSM pick up on the turn of events with Hillary and the DNC. The stories and lies are so confusing that I am not sure where the truth lies these days – what was the Washington Free Beacon role in all this?? I do feel very comfortable that Hillary should be in jail along with lots of her cohorts,,,but what do I know. If only this will actually stick to the demorat national committee. Hang em all.


    The Washington Free Beacon opposition research was funded by Romney and other never-Trumpers – who started a smear campaign to push him out of the primary race.

    They failed, as Trump gained momentum with the Folks!

    So they took their ‘work product’ and appear to have sold it to Hillary & Cartel. And BOTH the FBI and the CIA appear to have BELIEVED IT!