Explosions At Boston Marathon Finish

Posted April 15th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Two explosions not an accident.  Developing!  Many serious injuries…
Explosions at Finish Line
Three killed [so far] – 80+ injured – many lost legs… Bastards may have placed bombs INSIDE the buildings…  Additional bombs found… one/something went off at JFK Library…
‘Person of Interest’ Saudi Arabian being guarded in hospital – w/ severe burns.
I wonder if Gov Patrick is re-thinking the appointment of Andrea Cabral…?
Not to assign blame before an investigation, but we know how Islamists HATE the thought of scantily clad women running in the streets. Early reports: bomb packed w/ ball bearings.

Hey Obama, – this one’s on YOUR watch!  You lied and covered up Benghazi,they know you’re a weakling.  Now this is in-your-FACE! 

And you just appointed a Muslim CIA Director – John O Brennan.

Photos like this will become recruiting posters…
Recruiting Poster

Remember Massachusetts…even if we catch them…Massachusetts has NO DEATH PENALTY!

And if the Feds stay out of it – Martha Coakley will be the prosecutor…  That should go well…

6 Responses to “Explosions At Boston Marathon Finish”

  1. Flick

    Now we’ll see and hear what our Muslim-in-Chief has to say. Can he say the ‘T’ word? I thought he eradicated all this?

  2. Casey Chapman

    I’d be willing to bet, that the HSA will say it’s not terrorism. Someone who called in to WRKO said she saw the occupy Boston types meeting at the spot they were at last year. Not sure it means anything.


    Already had one of the usual blog maggots deposit a turd Casey, – saying that I was wrong to suspect Muslims, – that it could be another Oklahoma City…..

    Yeah, and maybe it was the NORKs, the IRA, or the drug cartels too,…but the fingers point to Mecca.

  3. Prim

    During his news conference the pResident didn’t mention the word Terrorism. But he said that he would find out who is behind this and bring them to justice. Hope they do a better job then they did in Benghazi.


    Even if they catch them, the bastards will be treated like ‘criminals’ in the criminal justice system, – not as terrorists who just attacked a civilian target. Obama may let Deval deal w/ it – since we have no Death Penalty in Mass….

  4. Walter Knight

    How long before the Boston City Council debates whether to allow the construction of a mosque along the marathon route?

    Our country is at war, and need revenge. Criticism of CIA Director O’Brennan seems odd because he is the only government official out there activily taking this war to the enemy’s home (with drone attacks). Liberals (and even some major Republicans) would still have our CIA and military check enemy combatants for citizenship papers before bombing them in Yemen, Somolia, Patistan, and other places.

    Too many people don’t think we are really at war, or have chosen the other side.

  5. Sheryl

    “We will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail.”
    George W. Bush, Speech after 9/11 attacks 

    “those responsible will feel the weight of justice” Barack Obama, speech after 4/15 attacks

    Most definitely a stylized difference… Just sayin’

  6. Kojack

    Obysmal will pursue the perps of the marathon attack with the same vigor with which he went after the attackers of our embassy in Bengahzi.