Exploding Obama’s Lies

Posted July 17th, 2011 by Iron Mike

 The rich aren’t paying their fair share.” 
     Is he lying if he actually believes it?

Doesn’t matter! He’s STILL LYING.

Furthermore – we’re PAYING him to know better! So why is Obama lying?


 1. He ~ may ~ actually believe it. He was raised by a communist mother and step-father, then by communist grandparents. Those anti-rich feelings may be embedded in his DNA.

 2. He may be too stupid to understand simple facts, and too isolated from opposing views to be enlightened. I think he is too cunning for this to be the case.

 3. As a committed anti-colonial / anti-capitalist – he may simply accept socialist dogma as written by Marx, – or he finds it the most convenient tool. It is so much more convenient because across the land so many useful idiots fully subscribe to it already. No need to first ‘sell it to his base’.

When you hear Obama harping about ‘…the richest 2% who got the Bush tax breaks’ – you are hearing the Democrat’s current favorite one-two punch. They get to play class warfare and personalize and focus it by invoking the name ‘Bush’.


I’d strongly suggest you print out and carry with you some of the following charts. You won’t change the minds of many MoonBats – but winning over 10% of them could change the election.

The rich [despite the Bush tax cuts] have been paying a steadily larger percent of the total income tax, – even as more and more of ‘the poor’ are excused from paying any. 

A whole series of Congresses and presidents have ballooned the welfare rolls. Don’t EVER let Democrats tell you that ‘THEY care about the disadvantaged’, and the GOP doesn’t.

Their policies are nothing more than keeping voters captive ‘down on the Democratic Welfare Plantation’.

Democrats HATE that expression, – but nothing more aptly describes the process of condemning poor people [mostly Black, and lately Hispanic] to a multi-generational cycle of inner-city ghetto-dwelling government dependency – complete with single-parent families and generations of young men in dying in gangs and rotting in prisons.


We have some 50 million people receiving some level of welfare today. And because they are generally coagulated in the cities – they make those cities highly unattractive places for the middle classes to stay in, and extremely unattractive as places for business and industry to locate. Thus ‘welfare’ keeps the poor captive, and further stagnates the places where they live. Detroit would be America’s starkest example.

Massachusetts has 13% of our people on food stamps. Most Democratic voters here DON’T KNOW THAT NUMBER – but the politicians sure do.



Even if you taxed [robbed] the rich at 99% of EVERYTHING they earn and own, we couldn’t solve the deficit or that $14.3 TRILLION National Debt. ONLY SPENDING CUTS – deep ones – will start to do that.

OK, you’ve just read about 500 words – and looked at three (3) charts. If you can grasp the facts, and the logic, – – why can’t Obama and the Dems?

MAYBE they don’t want to?  Could they have a different agenda?  What could it be?

Does the term ‘international socialism’ begin to raise it’s ugly head?

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!


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