Examining The Alabama Senate Vote

Posted December 15th, 2017 by Iron Mike

What the Hell…?   50% of Trump voters stayed home But 93.5% of Hillary voters showed up for Doug Jones…?

Was Hillary
THAT loathsome?
   Or did the evangelicals buy into the Roy Moore smear campaign?

4 Responses to “Examining The Alabama Senate Vote”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    Elections are always the choice between the lesser of evils. But as I’ve said in the past, why Republican voters don’t understand that staying home when their candidate is flawed becomes a vote for the other is beyond me. Even if our candidate is a complete scumbag, that candidate is still better than a Dem and could still vote well, If not, we have the ability to primary the scumbag out and get someone better.

    This Alabama situation is truly sad, but I’m not sure it’s a harbinger of huge 2018 congressional losses, as usually, midterm elections yield losses for the party in the White House. I’m sure the Affordable Care Act, Obama’s world wide apology tour, etc., gave us control of the House and Senate in 12 and 14…

    On another front, I live in Florida, and if Rubio keeps up his crap, I’ll do my best to get his arse primaried out….

  2. MC

    The so-called Washington Elites who suggested/pushed for a write-in vote didn’t help Moore either. McConnell got his wish. He can say he is one of the few republicans that got a democrat elected to Congress!

  3. Sonny's Mom

    Iron Mike: Thank you for posting this visual comparison.

    A successful candidate needs to be multi-talented, and not every hopeful has all the right stuff. We need to run candidates who are comfortable dealing with the media and can stay on message.

    A successful campaign needs to be strategic about image and communications. Job #1 is to tell a compelling story. Take a look at the messaging coming from Bill Staehle, Roy Moore’s Army buddy in the Vietnam war. His portrayal of Moore’s character was compelling, although perhaps too late to reach enough voters. We need to WE NEED TO TELL OUR STORY BETTER, right out of the gate, in a way the public understands.

    A successful campaign must fight to win. Never assume that victory is assured, or that “enough good people already know me, already know what I stand for.” The candidate’s story– about self, experience and policy positions– MUST be pushed out using all possible means: conservative media, social media and advertising buys on cable TV and on radio.

  4. Walter Knight

    It is Democrat strategy to fool as many white voters as possible, then depend on black voters to vote 98 percent Democrat tipping the scales on close elections. Voting your race in stead of issues only causes harm.