Evil WBC Lawyer Loses On Appeal

Posted August 15th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Thank God for the 8th Circuit Court!   One of the most hate-filled women in America (after Michelle Obama) went to court and lost,  – then appealed the ruling and LOST AGAIN!

Anti-Gay activist lawyer Shirley Lynn Phelps-Roper would picket military funerals – in the church and at the gravesideif she could.   The 8th Circuit just told her to stand back!

This woman takes our 1st Amendment to obnoxious extremes,  and we can be thankful that a measure of decency and common sense can still be found in parts of our Court System.


The Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka Kansas has become notorious for showing up at military funerals with hate-filled signs and bullhorns,  – in some cases drowning out the words of the preachers and even the bugle call “Taps”.  

And of course they called it all their 1st Amendment RIGHT!

WBC’s hatred of Gays is both insane and pathological.   In their twisted logic they believe that by creating a truly obnoxious display at the burial of a dead serviceman,  – they will spread their message and attract followers.

Towns and states reacted by creating a buffer zone and a time window – usually an hour before and after a funeral service and a burial service.   Nebraska enacted the Nebraska Funeral Picketing Law (NFPL) – which became the target of the Phelps-Roper lawsuit.

Attorney Phelps-Roper – daughter of the WBC Pastor sued – claiming that such a buffer zone and a time window were a violation of her Free Speech Rights.

She lost.  So of course – always seeking press attention,  – she appealed. She just lost AGAIN!

The 8th Circuit upheld both the buffer zone and the time window  – saying that while she has the right to free speech – she does not have a right to FORCED LISTENING!

The court agreed that family and mourners are in a delicate and vulnerable state during the funeral and burial – and have an equal right to a measure of protection.   And the Court noted that the ruling leaves open ample alternative channels for WBC’s message to be disseminated.

You can read the entire ruling HERE:

LESSON FOR CITIZENS:  When you vote for Governors or Presidents – you are voting for the man or woman who will appoint judges – both to Supreme Courts and to lower courts.  Judge Wollman was nominated by Ronald Reagan on June 25th 1985,  – 32 long years ago – and he is still honoring his oath of office!

And FYI,   Judge Gruender is one of the judges Trump listed as likely appointments during his campaign last year.

RRB urges all towns to enact an ordinance modeled on the NFPL,  – because without one you may find the Westboro Baptists invading the funeral of one of your local heroes.   Yeah,  the evil bastards travel nationwide.

3 Responses to “Evil WBC Lawyer Loses On Appeal”

  1. Vic

    What’s their beef with Chef? He’s a cartoon character!

  2. Hawk1776

    Trump is effectively, albeit slowly, appointing constitutionally oriented judges. Look for the pendulum to swing back from the far left to the center.

  3. Adam R.

    Hawk, the Senate is tasked with CONFIRMING Trump’s picks. That is why it takes so long for it to happen.