Evil Lurks In Tampa’s Back Rooms

Posted August 27th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Disturbing bits and pieces of reports are reaching me.  If true, it could be the beginning of the end of the GOP, and signal the immediate rise of the TEA Party as a viable 3rd party.

It seems that in the smoke-filled back rooms of Tampa – the GOP Rules Committee is considering changes to the rules about how delegates for the 2016 convention will be chosen. 

The Romneyites are stacking the deck so that come 2016, Mitt will pre-select the only acceptable state delegates.  If I’m right [and I so hope I’m wrong] Runty Maginn, John Sununu, Bluter and Torky are right in the middle of it.  Too bad none of them are real Republicans…

I can only hope wiser heads will prevail, and this attempt to further Stalinize our party – at this critical juncture – will be shelved.  It would be one thing if New England and Massachusetts were a thriving GOP stronghold, – – but DAMN, when the best we can show is Brown, Collins and Snowe [3 blind RiNOs], this power-grab seems utterly ridiculous.
But if they attempt to turn the GOP into Romney’s Party, . . . we’re looking at four more years of TEA Parties in the streets!  And enrollment in the MassGOP will drop below 10%.

This feels like the GOP insiders snatching Defeat from the jaws of Victory!



2 Responses to “Evil Lurks In Tampa’s Back Rooms”

  1. jim morose

    why wait lets start to take over now.. calling all tea party folks, join your republican town committee, now and vote against all this crap. And let us know whats going on .

    in the mean time, back at the ranch, for next week make noise at the primary , ex:

    Top Secret Tea Party voting plan.

    If the Ma. Tea Party is ever going to be a political force to be reckoned with, then we need to deliver Tea Party candidates winning votes. (Even if they deny we elected them, like Scott Brown). Can we as a Tea Party vote for candidates who mock us, marginalize us, and stand in opposition to basic Tea Party and Constitutional Values? HINT: the answer is a resounding NO. No we cannot vote for nor support anyone who stand in opposition to basic Tea Party and Constitutional Values.

    We may have to tolerate the press and some “candidates” who berate the tea party. BUT, even if we live in Ma.cannot vote for nor support anyone who stand in opposition to basic Tea Party and Constitutional Values. We just have to send a clear message to the media and candidates that we are a voting block that will effect your race. Starting now in 2012, the tea party does not tell people who to vote for. But as a tea party activist I am listing my districts candidates I will support below. Hopefully this Ma. Primary election can follow similar tea party victories like Cruz in Texas, and Lugars’ loss in Indiana.

    We cannot keep supporting career establishment candidates and expect change. It just hasn’t happened. All this establishment and media compromising has given us is a $17-trillion dollar debt and numerous unCONstitutional mandates and laws. Make 2012 the year we get mad as heck and will not take anymore. Vote for NON-establishment and the NON-media darlings. Vote FOR basic Tea Party and Constitutional Value candidates.

    Jim Morose, North Shore Tea Party picks of the voting cycle:
    Or… ,go to votecorevalues.org and make your own list……
    Jim Morose, North Shore Tea Party picks of the voting cycle: Example
    Congress 6th-district
    incumbent John Tierney -D
    opponent Richard Teisi -R
    sticker campaign: Bill Hudak -R <<<—My pick
    3rd Party, Jack Fishman -L (libertarian)

    State Rep. 13th Essex district.
    Incumbent Ted Speliotis D
    unopposed n/a
    sticker campaign Daniel C. Bennett -R (Danvers Ma.) <<<—My pick

    State Senate, 2nd Essex district
    Retiring, Fred Berry -D
    candidate Joan Lovely -D
    candidate John Slattery -D
    candidate Mary-Ellen Manning -D <<<—My pick 1
    candidate Richard Joli -R ???????? <<<—My pick 2

  2. jim morose

    I have been telling everyone and anyone who asks, to write-in Miclele Bauchman, Sarah Palin, or Mother Theresa, to send Scott Brown a message.

    Do we have a legitimate MA. Tea Party-resident we could write in, again, as a notice to Sen. Brown that the tea party is a voting block that needs to be coddled ar-ar-ar-rhino..