Evil FAKE Republican Fools The Kids!

Posted October 30th, 2019 by Iron Mike

She’s been fooling Republicans – even so-called experienced and seasoned ones – for over a decade.  She was even elected and re-elected as Chair of the MassGOP, – despite sabotaging REAL Republicans and Conservatives in favor of other closet Democrats.

She even bragged she’d be Charlie Baker’s LtGov….until she was forced OUT!

She’s pretty (sort of),  used to flash a lot of leg, – and could charm votes out of the doddering old RiNO fools on the State Committee.  And she loved appearing on TV.

Now like a bad case of syphilis – she’s back,  – running for Boston City Council,  – and up to her old tricks, – still pretending to be a Republican.

And the naïve young kids were delighted to hold signs,  knock on doors,  and send out fundraising emails for her.

Jennifer Nassour – aka Party Chair Barbie is still hoodwinking the young,  the old,  the foolish,  and the politically naïve who fail to do their due diligence.

Hey Boston YRs:  This fake isn’t even a RiNO!  She’s pro-abortion,  anti-gun,  and anti-Trump.  Who does she support?  MITT ROMNEY!


In this internet age – there is NO EXCUSE for being uninformed.  Google the candidates who ask for your support.  Find out FOR YOURSELVES what their REAL positions are.

Don’t write a check or lift a finger until you KNOW!

Party Chair Barbie Explains Politics



Boston ~ Almost ~ DESERVES Jennifer Nassour

4 Responses to “Evil FAKE Republican Fools The Kids!”

  1. Tim Cahill

    Nice to see Ted Dooley supporting my kind of candidates. Ted was a member of my campaign in my run as an Independent for Governor in 2010. Ted was instrumental in helping me split the Baker vote in order to assure Deval Patrick of a victory.

  2. Jim Buba

    Can’t they read?

  3. Leonard Mead

    Yes, Mike,
    The MA Young Republicans allowed a democrat “Barbie Doll”, Jennifer Nassour, to be included in a fundraiser for two REAL conservatives. A bad mistake by otherwise good people.
    Hopefully they can RETRACT this mistake and summarily with-hold any financial support to Ms. Nassour who’s damage to the MA GOP included:
    – Driving out conservatives
    -Allowing hundreds of thousands dollars of donated funds to be used for PARKING in Boston
    – Knew how to order the best drinks and food at every gathering
    – Forced many many thousands of donations to be paid to lawsuits won by legitimate conservatives who were forced off ballots by dirty convention tricks.
    Len Mead
    cc to MA Young Republicans

  4. Clinton ma Tea party

    The Massachusetts Gop and State committee + The Massachusetts Republican assembly need a enemas to clean them out of anti-Trumpers and Rinos.